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4 Rules for Effective CTAs

If you’re unfamiliar with content marketing, then you probably are equally as unfamiliar with the term “CTA,” or call to action. CTAs are found all over the digital marketing world and are part of all persuasive writings and marketing campaigns. In order for your business’s digital marketing efforts to be as effective as possible, CTAs must be part of the content. Here’s what you need to know about how to create effective CTAs:

What’s a CTA?

A call to action is simple: it’s simply an invitation for the user to take a desired action. “Click here,” “Call us today,” or “Send us a message now,” are all examples of calls to action that are common. CTAs can also be more complex, though, such as asking a user to make a purchase, or asking a potential voter to register before the next election. 

4 Rules for Effective Calls to Action

The most effective calls to action are successful in getting the user to act, moving them further down the sales funnel. So what features do effective CTAs have in common? Here are four that you should pay attention to as you create your content:

  • The website or CTA includes a “no-obligation” statement. Users don’t want to feel like if they follow your CTA, they’re going to go be tied down to your company in some way (typically, financially). So, if you’re offering a consultation, make sure your CTA includes a statement that this consultation is offered free of charge. Or, if you’re trying to get someone to sign up for email list, reassure the user that you won’t be bombarding them with junk mail.
  • Make benefits clear, and make the user take action to get those benefits. A common CTA might read something like, “Get daily insights, tips, recipes, and style guidelines straight to your inbox every day for a month for free by signing up now.” This CTA not only includes the no-obligation statement, but also tells the user exactly what they will get and how they can get it. 
  • Make it urgent. When consumers feel as though they are getting a limited-time deal, they’re more likely to act. Language such as, “for a limited time only,” and “sign up in the next 24 hours and win,” often kicks consumers into gear, so to speak. Another tip is offering discounts that expire by a certain date. 
  • Include a secondary CTA. You can be sure that even if your CTA is written perfectly, you won’t get 100 percent of users taking the action that you want. While your site may be designed with one major high-value action in mind, it’s a great idea to have a secondary, smaller CTA that a user can take that allows them to still stay engaged with your brand. 

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At NUVEW, our content and digital marketing specialists know how to create effective content and CTAs that drive leads. To learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help your business grow, please call us today or send us a message at your convenience.



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