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8 Different Blog Post Ideas for Your Business

Did you know that keeping a blog is one of the most effective marketing tactics that your business can engage in? To be sure, reports that companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their website, and over 55 percent of marketers say that they’ve gained customers through blogging. 

But while you may know that you should be blogging, you may be at a loss as to what, exactly, you should be writing about. Here are eight different blog posts ideas to help your business get started:

1. News Blogs

A favorite blog type is the news blog, where you either write about something that’s happening within your company (i.e. the hiring of a new manager, for example) or something that’s going on in your community or industry that’s relevant to your business or your customer.

2. How-to Posts

Customers love how-to posts, and you have the opportunity to be an authority in your field. If you’re a baker, How to Make the Perfect Cake is a great topic; if you’re a plumber, How to Recognize a Leaking Toilet can be very engaging.

3. Lists

This blog post is a perfect example of a list post – a blog that highlights certain actions, items, products, people, etc. for a certain reason. Going with the baker example above, Top 5 Items to Have in Your Baking Pantry at All Times, would be a type of list post.

4. Promotional Posts

A promotional post is a type of blog where you are promoting a product or a service that your company offers or performs, or perhaps are promoting an event, competition, etc. that your company is sponsoring.

5. Resource Round-ups

A resource round-up is a great way to present yourself as an authority in the industry, link to other businesses and organizations, and provide your customers with good information. For example, you could compile a list of some well-designed websites for other businesses looking for website design ideas.

6. Controversial Posts

A controversial post is a post where you challenge a mainstream idea, such as “Why You Shouldn’t Be Targeting Your Marketing Efforts to SEO.” These types of posts are great for driving traffic.

7. Infographic-only Posts

An infographic-only post is exactly that; a blog post that doesn’t feature any extraneous text, but is instead focused on presenting a graphic that’s full of relevant information for your consumer.

8. Guest/Interview Blogs

Finally, if you run out of ideas, you can always ask another expert or professional in your industry to submit a guest blog post. Another idea is to conduct an interview with someone in your field that your customers are interested in, and to do a write-up of this interview for your blog.

NUVEW Can Help

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