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Lesly Bailey

Website Content Strategist

Lesly Bailey
Lesly Bailey

Lesly Bailey Biography

Lesly is a Website Content Strategist. She helps our clients craft informative, interesting blogs and website pages to boost their online presence. Lesly researches current trends and developments in each client’s industry and uses creative and unique writing to present information in a way that readers enjoy. She brings a journalism background to her role, having spent 11 years in the newsroom as a copy editor and page designer before embarking on website content creation.

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Lesly Bailey

“I enjoy the learning curve that comes along with writing about new and engaging topics every day. After all, the point of writing copy is for it to be read, and taking the time to research and write interesting blog posts, content pages, and stories helps my clients’ websites shine. Beyond writing content for websites, I’m proud to be able to help spread the word about some of the amazing nonprofits around our region. My unique background helps me understand the industry I work in and help me create even better content for all my clients.”


When Lesly is not busy putting together copy and content, she can be found poolside in the summer and fireside in the winter. She enjoys spending time with her husband and sons whether that’s going on new adventures, hanging out at home, swimming in their pool, camping in their pop-up or watching a good movie. In her rare moments of alone time, she enjoys reading mysteries, exercising, watching Law & Order and sitting in the sunshine on her deck.

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