Madi Maas

Social Media Intern

“Time moves slowly but passes quickly.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker


Madi is a creative force at NUVEW, specializing in crafting engaging social media content and designing marketing materials with a creative touch. Her work not only reflects her artistic flair but also significantly contributes to enhancing our clients’ online presence and brand visibility.

Get To Know Madi Maas

In her free time, Madi enjoys golf, movies, and fishing. She harnesses her passion for soccer by both coaching and playing the sport. Actively involved in her community, Madi volunteers at the local library, showcasing her dedication beyond academic and extracurricular pursuits.

My Mac
What item can’t you live without?

Candy! It is so good!

My Mac
What is your favorite season?

Summer because I hate the cold

My Mac
What is your favorite beverage?

LCaramel Brulee Latte with extra caramel

My Mac
How much sleep do you get each night?

8 hours

My Mac
What is your vice?

Eating too much candy.

My Mac
What is your favorite movie?

Grown Ups

My Mac
What is your favorite song?

Anything Morgan Wallen

My Mac
Are you a dog or a cat person?

Both…but more of a dog person

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