Good Website Content Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

A business website is more than just pretty pictures, great graphics, and fun text; it is content. And content is the most important thing that your website should focus on; without great content, visitors will probably not even get to your website, let alone spend any time on it once they are there. At NUVEW, our content creation specialists can revolutionize the way that your company reaches prospective customers. With a combination of SEO specialists and talented writers working with us, we know exactly what it takes to create relevant, engaging, and targeted content for your audience.

    Types of Content that Every Business Website Needs

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  • There are multiple types of content that a business may rely upon to reach customers. This content includes website content, blog content, mailing list content, and external content. Of these, website content and blog content are the two that should be prioritized first.

    • Website content. Website content is, in a nutshell, everything that is on your website. This includes information on your homepage, about us page, all product descriptions, any customer testimonials, news, how-to information and other resources, policies or agreements, contact information, downloads, sales copy, and more.
    • Blog content. Your blog is part of your website, but it is much different than the types of content mentioned above. In fact, most website content is static, meaning that it doesn’t change very often (you may update your website a few times per year, but you are not constantly re-doing your homepage, contact page, etc.). Blog content, on the other hand, is usually time-specific and not statistic. Further, a blog is being updated on a regular basis – you should be posting new content at least once per month. Your blog provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with customers and share relevant information.


What Makes Great Content?

Creating website and blog content isn’t as easy as putting pen to paper and calling it good – the creation of good content is as precise as it is creative. Some components of great content that will draw in and retain website visitors include:

  • Original content. In other words, make sure that what you’re writing is yours – copying others will only hurt your SEO rankings and doesn’t offer a customer anything new or unique.
  • Informative content. If you are creating content, what is the content’s purpose? Everything that is on your site should be informative and useful for the reader.
  • Video and photograph-enhanced content. Content doesn’t just have to be words on a page; adding photographs, videos, and other graphics can be both engaging and informative, and can help to attract visitors and keep them on a page longer.
  • Content that is SEO ready. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and refers to the way that search engines find – or don’t find – your website. When content is optimized for SEO, search engines can more easily identify your website and share it with users when they conduct a relevant search.
  • Authoritative content. Finally, remember that you are a thought leader in your industry, and your content should reflect that. If you make a claim, do you link to another authoritative source to support it? Do you provide information that is accurate and true?

Great content is also, of course, well written, grammatically correct, and free of punctuation errors.

    Let Our Content Professionals Enhance Your Website

  • We know that writing in itself can be difficult, and knowing what makes great content can be even more elusive. That’s why our professional team is ready to do it for you. At NUVEW, we have helped countless businesses in Illinois and Indiana create and share meaningful content that helps to drive sales, including press releases, blogs, landing pages, GEO-specific pages, page rewrites, and countless other forms of marketing content. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, call our offices directly at 219-323-3343, or use our online form to get in touch today.

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