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Are You Not Entertained?

Bounce. Bounce. POP! Urgh! I really thought I had it that time. Oh! Hey there, dear reader. Didn’t see you there. Is it really Wednesday again already? Man, time just flies when you’re a small canine desperately attempting to play with a balloon.

Indeed, dear reader, I have been dabbling in some circus antics. The office has become so exceedingly safe and secure (perhaps too safe?) that I’ve started to feel a little useless around here. I’ve decided to learn some new tricks to keep my aunties entertained during the workday and continue fulfilling my office dog duties of boosting morale.

I would have tried juggling, but the whole standing on two legs thing seemed a bit too strenuous for little old me. I figured I was better off giving something simpler a try – like bouncing a balloon on my nose and showing everyone how long I can keep it from hitting the ground.

I’ve been working hard to get super good and show all my aunties how heartbreakingly impressive I am, but I have one teeny problem—or rather, many teeny problems. Everyone knows how adorable my little teeth are, but as dainty as they look, they are quite sharp. So, I keep accidentally popping the balloons while trying to boop them with my nose.

Now, before you start laughing at my woes, I want to let you know that this is no laughing matter. For one, I have little puppy ears – when the balloons pop so close to my face, it makes me jump out of my skin. And secondly, I have become convinced that the balloons are out to get me. That slight hissing sound they make as they slowly deflate feels like a silent taunt, and it’s driving me crazy!

But I refuse to give up. I am determined to master this trick and show off my skills while bringing joy to all my aunties at the office. So far, I’ve been practicing every day during lunchtime, and my aunties have been so supportive – even though their ears may need some time to recover from the occasional pop.

I believe there is something truly special about learning new things – whether it’s as simple as balancing a balloon on your nose or something much more complex. It keeps us young at heart, inspires us to continue growing and expanding our horizons, and reminds us that there is always room for improvement.

I know it can be scary to fail or to look silly in front of others, but we should never let our fears hold us back from trying something new. Who knows, it may even lead to discovering a hidden talent or passion.

So, dear reader, I implore you – don’t be afraid to try new things, no matter your age or experience level. Embrace the unfamiliar and challenge yourself. You never know what kind of joy and excitement it may bring into your life. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll see me confidently bouncing that balloon on my nose without any accidents! Pop! Oops… well, I guess practice makes perfect after all hehe.

Until next time!



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