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The Basics of Click-Through Rate and How to Increase It

If your business has invested in any digital marketing services, or if you’ve done some online research regarding the implementation of an online marketing campaign, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “click-through rate” a time or two. However, most people don’t have a developed understanding of what a click-through rate–or CTR–refers to, let alone why it’s important or how to increase it. At NUVEW, we are here to help. Here’s an overview of what you should know about click-through rate and digital marketing–

What Is CTR?

The definition of click-through rate is pretty straightforward: the number of people who actually click an advertisement or a link compared to the number of impressions (the number of people who seek the ad/link). In other words, CTR is the average number of clicks per hundred ad impressions and is expressed as a percentage. Note that CTR measures the immediate response to an advertisement/email/website page/etc., but not the overall effect; if someone saw the ad and then visited the site later, this won’t be reflected as part of the CTR. CTR is a metric used in pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, email campaigns, and more.

Why Does Click-Through Rate Matter?

CTR is a great metric to provide insight into the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, specifically, an ad that your company is running. If you have an especially low click-through rate, this is an indication that you’re falling short somewhere along the sales funnel, and that your ad could be more effectual than it currently is. Having too high of a CTR can be a negative thing, too, especially if you’re paying for every click, or if you’re driving users to your site but aren’t actually converting those users into sales.

How to Improve CTR

Improving CTR can be an important step if you are running a PPC campaign, and a necessary one if you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Some tips for improving CTR include:

  • Choose the right keywords;
  • Write better, original, and more engaging ad copy;
  • Test and retest;
  • Know your audience; and
  • Hire a qualified digital marketing agency.

Connect with NUVEW Today

At NUVEW, we have a team of digital marketing professionals who understand CTR and its relevance in both paid and organic marketing efforts. When you choose our team, we will develop a strategy that’s personalized for your business and designed to attract more customers and improve CTR and conversion rate. To learn more, please send us a message today or call us at 219-323-3343.



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