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What Is Bounce Rate?

Keeping track of various marketing metrics is an important element of maintaining a successful website and business. But as someone who’s not an expert in marketing, you may have no idea what metrics you should be paying attention to, let alone what any of them mean. At NUVEW, we can help. As you navigate the world of digital marketing, one metric that you should familiarize yourself with is bounce rate. 

Defining Bounce Rate

Picture a ball bouncing: as soon as the ball hits the ground, it moves up in the air again, only spending a fraction of a second on the surface. Now, apply the same idea to customers visiting your website – if a customer lands on a website page and only stays for a moment, leaving before they browse content any further, they’ve “bounced.” Bounce rate, then, refers to the percentage of users who visit your website and then leave immediately

Obviously, a high bounce rate is the opposite of what you want; the goal is to have customers spending as much time on your site as possible, as this is necessary to convert customers into leads, leads into sales. 

Reasons Why Your Bounce Rate May Be High

There are a number of reasons why your bounce rate may be high. Fortunately, all of them are fixable! If you have a high bounce rate, it may be because:

  • There’s a technical problem with your site. Before you consider content, be sure to rule out the possibility of a technical problem with your site. A loading error, broken links, or another issue could be the cause of customers abandoning your site so quickly.  Speed issues (like a website taking too long to load) could also be the problem.
  • The content needs a makeover. What do you have posted on your site in terms of links, text, images, and graphics? Content can make or break a site – if your content is overwhelming, not useful, or fails to engage your users, this could explain the high bounce rate.
  • The user can’t find the information that they need. Most users visit a site to learn more about a product or service or to get a business’s contact information. If your website doesn’t provide what the customer is looking for, they’re not going to go linger. This is why it’s so critical to know your audience and to create targeted content.

Contact Our Online Marketing Providers Today

If your website is struggling with a high bounce rate, we can help. At NUVEW, our digital marketing professionals know what metrics to measure, how to create content that wows, and what businesses need to be doing to attract more customers. To learn more about our services and how we can help, reach us today online or by phone.



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