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Branding Essentials 101

While many companies may be very specific about the types of services or products they provide, as well as the type of customer they’re targeting, a company’s branding might be all over the place. Maybe you haven’t settled on a logo, or a color scheme, or a tone, or a marketing strategy, or a social media strategy; or maybe you have a branding strategy in place, but you realize that it doesn’t really match your company, your products, or yourself. If it’s time for a (re-)branding strategy, NUVEW can help. Our digital marketing specialists are design and marketing experts who can help you launch your brand and make sure it’s consistent moving forward. Here are some essential elements of a branding strategy to start thinking about as you define and enact your brand —

What Is Your Purpose?

The most important thing to identify when you are building a brand strategy is your brand’s purpose. Purpose will be your north star in guiding everything else that your brand does, including how your brand presents and interacts with users. Take some time to really think about your brand purpose: Why are you doing what you do? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you want long-term for your customers and your brand? What is your intent and function? 

Dig deep to understand your brand/business purpose. Once you have an understanding of the bigger picture (i.e. not just providing furniture or repair services or great shoes but instead improving customers’ lives), then you’re ready to start building your brand strategy. 

How Are You Using Emotion?

Emotion is one of the most powerful elements to bring to a brand strategy and a marketing approach. That’s because customers don’t always (usually) act rationally; instead, they do things based on emotion. For example, customers may make a decision based on a desire to belong. It’s the reason that when there are two products of equal quality, one brand may sell for double the price. It’s also the reason that customers buy things that they don’t need. Go back to your brand purpose: what are you hoping to achieve and to whom do you want to speak? Once you know these things, brainstorm ways to connect with your customer on a deeper emotional level. 

Are You Being Both Flexible and Consistent?

One thing that can be challenging about creating a branding strategy that sells is striking a balance between being consistent — i.e. using the same types of language, colors, imagery, etc. in all of your marketing — and being flexible, which means being creative and able to adapt to the times and customers’ needs. Being flexible means remaining aware of what is and isn’t working anymore and being willing to change when it’s necessary. 

Get Help from an Experienced Digital Marketing Team Today

If you are building a brand and aren’t sure where to start, NUVEW can help. Reach out to us for the support you need for a professional, experienced digital marketing company. 



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