Digital Marketing

What Is User Experience?

Online marketing is more than just creating a website, putting your product online, or advertising your business name. In fact, a great online marketing campaign factors in numerous different elements in order to be successful, including effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, a social media campaign, great content, and perhaps most importantly, an engaging and positive user experience.

Defining User Experience

User experience, referred to simply as UX amongst SEO pros, is a focus on a user’s perceptions and responses while using a website, and requires having a developed understanding of who one’s users are, what those users needs, and what a user’s values and abilities are. Whether or not a user (potential customer!) has a positive or negative user experience depends on a number of different website criteria, including:

  • Usability;
  • Usefulness;
  • Credibility;
  • Accessibility;
  • Findability; and
  • Desirability.

In addition to the above, things like website layout and visual design have a huge impact on user experience, too. So does mobile-friendliness; if your website cannot be easily navigated on a smartphone or other handheld device, experience for these users will be poor.

Why User Experience Matters

User experience is incredibly important, both for building long-term relationships with your customers and for some more immediate, practical reasons (i.e. if your potential customer cannot navigate your site, they’ll likely get frustrated and leave well before ever becoming a sale). CrazyEgg emphasizes that user experience is important because it affects:

  1. Customer loyalty;
  2. Conversion rates;
  3. Return on investment;
  4. Efficiency and productivity; and
  5. Customer satisfaction.

So How Can I Improve UX?

If you want to improve UX, the first thing that you need to do is start understanding your customer. Who is your customer? Where do they live? What do they want? What do they value? How can your product or service meet their needs?

Once you understand your customer, the next step is understanding online marketing and some basic musts that your marketing strategy should incorporate, such as a blog, social media usage, and mobile-friendly platform. From there, some proven strategies for enhancing UX include:

  • Testing different approaches;
  • Trying out responsive web design;
  • Providing good–but not overwhelming–information (i.e. keep it simple);
  • Using customer surveys; and
  • Reworking your calls-to-action.

Working with an Online Marketing Company Can Help

If you’re not an online marketing specialist and are worried about successfully running your own operation, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is creating a website that rocks. Luckily, our team at NUVEW is here to do that for you. We specialize in various elements of online marketing, including social media marketing, SEO, website design, and yes, user experience!

For a consultation with our team about how you can improve your website and connect with more customers today, please call us at 219-323-3343 or send us a message directly.

5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Rankings

Being a business owner is hard work. Not only do you have to deal with the ins and outs of managing a successful business, but you also have to cope with discovering strategies for advertising and marketing your business. For business owners who grew up prior to the digital age, the world of online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) may be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, our team at NUVEW is here to help you understand the best SEO strategies and tips for improving your website rankings and driving qualified leads. Here are five SEO tips to get you started – call us today for personalized services you can count on.

  1. 1. Publish Original Content

If your website doesn’t feature a blog, and if your blog doesn’t feature original (not to mention engaging and creative and relevant) content, then you’re missing out a huge opportunity to improve your website rankings.

  1. 2. Keep Things Current

Having a website and a blog is great, but just posting once and then forgetting about it for weeks or months at a time won’t do you any favors. Instead, you need to keep things current. This means posting to your website on a regular basis, and ensuring that any information on your website is relevant and up-to-date.

  1. 3. Know How to Use Links

Linking to relevant and authoritative sites is one of the best ways to get search engine recognition. What can be equally as effective, if not more so, is getting other authoritative sites to link back to your website (which means you need convincing, credible content).

  1. 4. Don’t Forget About Off-Website Activities

Your website is a huge part of your overall online marketing strategy, but it’s not everything. In fact, another activity that can be great for your SEO optimization is to create social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the top three) and to use them regularly. There is data to suggest that the use of social media has a positive effect on search engine ranking, and there is no doubt that at the very least, using social media increases your reach and your audience.

  1. 5. Invest in Some Technical SEO Support

All of the SEO tips above are fairly organic – they require being active and engaged, and then count on search engines to do the rest. But more technical SEO tips, such as a focus on your server and indexability, can have a significant impact on website traffic, too. Working with a pro is strongly recommend.

Call NUVEW Today for SEO Support

At NUVEW, we care about helping your business grow and flourish. To learn more about our online marketing services and how we can help your business, please call us today at 219-323-3343 or reach out to us by sending us a message. We are SEO and online marketing specialists.

Creating Outstanding Social Media Content For Your Company

Content, Content, Content

What was your last post on your company’s Facebook or Twitter account? Did it drive more business to your site? If you posted the right content, then chances are you were rewarded with more business. Content is very important, and it has to have a call to action so customers can react to the message. Paying attention to what works well and what your audience responds to will make it easier to create effective content that gets results.

Examples of Good Content

Every business has its customers and audience. However, some content strategies work well for everyone. These strategies include highlighting your staff, sharing stories about how you go the extra mile for customers and turning the spotlight on a civic organization or charity that you care deeply about and want to help promote. Your call to action will be to contact your company for more information.

Some specific examples are:

  • Take an image of your staff at work — You can post a funny picture of your team taking a break in the office and post it on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Share a success story about your company — When you share positive stories, people will respond with their own positive stories. Share on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Post an event for a local charity — Your customers will think highly of you when you promote charity events. It is always a feel-good story. You can post this on all your social media accounts.
  • Thank your customers for doing business with your company — When you publically tell your customers that you appreciate them, often you will be rewarded with repeat business. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


Creating Outstanding Social Media Content For Your Company

At NUVEW, we understand your need for content that delivers results. We will take the time to review your social media platforms and see what has worked in the past and what fell flat. We will create a comprehensive plan that will send the perfect message about your company and then will post variations of that message on all social media platforms. You will be pleased with the results.

NUVEW Is Here to Help with Your Social Media Content

Social media is up and running 24/7. It is the media that never sleeps. Is your contact capturing the attention it should? It is important to post content that attracts customers to your site. If your social media marketing needs a boost, don’t delay. Contact NUVEW for help. Our experienced social media marketing team will get you back on top. We can improve your online presence. Please contact NUVEW today by clicking here, or by calling us at 219-323-3343.