Digital Marketing

What Is PPC?

Businesses in Indiana today have a variety of different marketing tools available to them – social media use, content creation and blog writing, website design aimed to enhance user experience, and the use of customer testimonials are just a few. For businesses that need a boost, though, pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, can be another great marketing option. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about PPC

What Is PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising refers to a method of advertising where the company doing the advertising pays a fee every time that a user clicks the ad. As such, the business/marketer is paying for user engagement or a lead to their website, rather than earning that customer’s attention organically.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of PPC

PPC can be a powerful marketing tool, but it can have its drawbacks, too. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of PPC–


  • It’s quick. Unlike SEO and other digital marketing efforts, which can take months for results to show, PPC starts to work immediately. As such, it can be a great way to jumpstart your online marketing efforts and get your business some instant attention.



  • It’s expensive. One of the downsides of PPC is that while it may be fast, you’ll have to pay for it. Remember, you have to pay every time a customer clicks your ad – this can add up quickly. If your marketing budget is small, PPC may not be for you.



  • It’s measurable. Another benefit of PPC is that the results of PPC are very trackable and measurable. If you have the budget for it, you can adjust your PPC efforts over time, tailoring them (based on the data you’ve collected) to improve results.



  • It’s not a long-term solution. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because PPC is working well, you don’t have to invest in other marketing efforts. Even if your PPC efforts are effective, PPC isn’t a long-term solution; you’ll still need to improve your SEO, social media, and other digital marketing efforts, too.


We Can Help You Build Your Brand

At NUVEW, our digital marketing specialists are passionate about helping businesses in Indiana build their brand. If you have questions about PPC or other digital marketing strategies, we can help.

To learn more about our marketing services and how you can start growing your business, please call us today or send us a message telling us more about your business and your needs. We’re ready to start working with you!



How to Convert Leads into Sales

As a business operating in your local community, one of your top priorities is to convert more leads into sales, thereby increasing your profit margins. But while maximizing conversions may seem easy in theory–offer a great product, engage your customer, make an ask, and voila!–it’s not always that simple. If you have a website, and even a skeleton of a content marketing strategy in place, then knowing what steps you can take to convert more leads into sales is critical. Here are some tips you can start implementing today–

Use Social Media (Especially Platforms Your Competitors Aren’t Using)

One way that you can reach more customers and increase your growth is to start using social media. If you’re already on some social media sites–the big ones are Facebook and Twitter–then consider expanding to social media platforms that your competitors aren’t using. One key to doing this successfully is to try to find a social media site that’s relevant to your target audience. For example, if you sell crafts or artwork, a site like Pinterest might be appropriate. If you’re in the pet care business, a site like Catster or Dogster might be ideal.

Do a Giveaway

Another way to both attract customers and increase your fan base and encourage people to transform from a lead to a sale is to offer a giveaway or some sort of freebie. suggests a social media giveaway coupled with a reward for people who share the advertised giveaway with their friends. Another option is throwing in something special–like a free tote–with every purchase that a customer makes.

Ask Your Customers Questions

A lot of companies are so preoccupied with providing their customers with information that they completely forget about the value of getting customer feedback. If you truly want to engage your customer and give them what they want–thereby increasing your conversion rate–you need to ask your leads questions. This can be as simple as asking what your lead is looking for in a product or sending a follow-up email saying something to the effect of, “We noticed you looked at the xyz product. Have you made a decision?”

Work with a Great Content Marketing Company

Finally, if you’re not already partnering with an experienced content marketing company, doing so may make a significant difference in your conversion rate. At NUVEW, we offer website design and development services, local SEO services, social media services, and content creation services. To learn more about how we can help you get more sales and fuel business growth, reach out to us today at 219-323-3343 or send us a message directly.

5 Features of a Great Website

Marketing one’s business today starts with a great website. Indeed, in the digital age, a large percentage of consumers use web-based information to make purchasing decisions, and many make those purchases online through a company’s website. Which means that in order to attract more leads and convert those leads into sales, a well-designed website is non-negotiable. Here are five features of a great website that your company should surely incorporate:

  1. 1. Relevance

One of the most important elements of a good website is that its content is relevant. Don’t include website content that isn’t pertinent to what your customer is looking for. With that in mind, frequently updating your website with fresh, original, and relevant content can help to establish your company as an authority in your industry, attracting more customers.

  1. 2. Performance

Website performance is a broad category that incorporates numerous elements of functionality, including load time and speed. Essentially, you want your website to perform well; the last thing that you want is for a customer to attempt to make a purchase only to become frustrated by an inability to locate their shopping cart, or for your website to crash mid-buy.

  1. 3. Easy-to-Locate Critical Information

Your website must contain certain critical information, and this information must be easy for the user to access. Depending upon your business type, some of this information might include:

  • Your company’s “About Us” page;
  • A list of services and products;
  • Pricing information; and
  • Contact information.

When a user visits your company, they are most often trying to find out a) about your product or services or b) how to get in touch with you. Make sure this information is findable.

     4. Clean and Attractive Design

There’s nothing worse than clicking on a company’s website only to immediately be overwhelmed by a deluge of images, funky texts, colors, and words upon words of information. Your website should be easy on the eyes, incorporate images as appropriate, and contain succinct content that doesn’t overwhelm the user. Remember that when it comes to website design, sometimes less is more.

  1. 5. An Ask

Finally, remember that your website should ask the user to do something. This is not only a way to engage the user, but also an important element in making a sale. The ask can be anything, from “buy now” to “contact us today” to “learn more” and more.

NUVEW Can Help

At NUVEW, we are experts in website design and content marketing, and understand the best strategies for attracting more customers and supporting business growth. For a consultation with our team about your web design and marketing needs, please call us today at 219-323-3343 or send us a message directly. We love helping local businesses succeed!