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How To Keep Clear Lines In Your Social Media Lives

Determining Boundaries for Personal and Business Social Media Presence

Entrepreneurs are the faces of their businesses and are encouraged to strengthen personal connections to create leads and sales. But when it comes to social media, how much is too much? What is OK to share on your own personal accounts? What personal items can be shared on your business’s social media?

While your decision on what to share and not to share comes down to personal preferences, there are some things to keep in mind to avoid blurred lines between personal and business.

It’s there forever. That old adage that you tell your kids to keep them safe online also applies to you and your social media accounts. Think before you post and make sure it’s appropriate. Even items on your personal page can get shared and end up being seen by more people than you expect.

It strikes a balance. Separating personal and business online identities allows for stronger boundaries between your work and play. While you will have to go between accounts, you won’t be bombarded with work stuff on the weekends and personal stuff during the weekday when you need to get stuff done.

It’s not about getting personal. Depending on your type of business, you can strike the right chord of bringing your own unique perspective to your business online identity without crossing a line. Show your human side but keep too many personal details out of your business posts.

It’s about engagement. While time-saving scheduling tools and apps can have a place in your social media strategy, you don’t want to appear too automated and robotic. The whole point of social media is to be engaging and it will be obvious to your followers if people aren’t driving your social media accounts.

It’s about an audience. Keeping personal and business social media accounts separate makes sense when you consider targeted audiences. Do your family and friends want to be bombarded with business news or keep up with how your kids are doing? By having distinct identities, you can ensure that whichever audience you are connecting with, you will be sharing information that is applicable and welcomed by each audience.

It provides an analytical view. You can measure posts’ success and audience engagement by utilizing a business social media account to track performance through each social media tool’s analytical offerings. This can help you make decisions on what works and what doesn’t to boost your social media strategy.

Social Media Management For Your Company

Are you ready to implement a social media plan but don’t know where to begin? At NUVEW, we have the managers who can keep your social media accounts relevant and trending. Our staff of professionals understands the importance of social media accounts as a vital marketing tool. Contact us today to discuss a social media strategy by phone at 219-323-3343 or connect with us online.



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