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Google Pushes Mobile Even More to the Forefront

It’s Time to Get Mobile Friendly

When was the last time you surfed the web on a desktop computer? For many people the answer is: “it’s been a while.” Yes, people do still use computers every day, especially in work situations. But the fact is, more people now access the Internet via mobile devices than on desktop computers. That means your website needs to be responsive, a.k.a. mobile-friendly. If it’s not, you’re going to pay the price in the Google search engine rankings.

Mobile-First Index

While Google has been putting a lot of focus on mobile search this year, the search engine giant is now taking the importance of mobile search even further. That’s because Google has added its mobile-first index to the SEO equation. The company has been working on this for several months and word is it’s going to keep pushing this even more. So what does it mean? Glad you asked. It means the search giant won’t view web pages from a desktop user’s point of view. Instead, it will crawl the web as a mobile user and it will treat the mobile version of every page as the standard page to index.

Is Your Site Cutting it?

That means, even the best-designed websites for desktop won’t score high marks unless they are also optimized for mobile search. So, if your website isn’t up to par for mobile users, you will get hurt in the rankings. Therefore, your site needs to load quickly on mobile devices and they must be easy to use and to read.

The Time for Change Is Now

If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly, the good news is you still have some time, but not much. Google is planning to roll this out over the next several months, so you need to get going now. Therefore, don’t wait for your rankings to take a hit. Do something now and get your site where it needs to be. You can’t afford to miss the boat on this one.

NUVEW Gets You Mobile Friendly

The importance of having a responsive web design cannot be overstated. If you still haven’t jumped on board, then now is the time. You can’t afford to wait any longer. Not only are you going to miss out on more visitors and alienate the ones you already have, but also your ranking will continue to take a hit on Google. Please contact NUVEW today for help with your web design. We’ll find the perfect mobile friendly web design for your site and help you stay relevant in the Google rankings. Call us today at 219-323-3343 or click here to contact us online.



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