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How High Is SEO on Your Priority List for 2018?

Time to Grow Your SEO?

It’s a new year and that means its time to take an inventory of your business. That could include several items, such as your goals for the coming year, your current bottom line and your marketing budget. Speaking of marketing budgets, just about every company’s budget includes digital marketing. Digital marketing has many components, and search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important. Whether you like it or not if you want to have a meaningful online presence, then you must have an effective SEO campaign.

Making a Push for More SEO in 2018

The reality is, most companies already know this so that shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, when it comes to SEO, most companies are making it more of a priority every year. Don’t take our word for it. According to a new research from Reboot, only 61 percent of the nearly 6,400 professionals that participated in the survey believe their marketing strategy is actually working. That same number reported that growing their SEO was their company’s top priority in 2018. That makes it the top priority for the coming year.

SEO Helps Generate More Leads

So why such a big push for more SEO? Those same professionals reported that the biggest challenge they face is generating website traffic and leads. SEO and paid advertising are both important for generating more business, but according to the professionals who responded to this survey, paid advertising is the most “over-rated” marketing tactic available. That means in order to increase traffic and leads, SEO is the key.

Content and Distribution Also Matter

Among the other key findings in the report, Reboot discovered that creating blog content was the second highest priority for 2018, with 53 percent naming this activity as a priority for the coming year. Content distribution came in third with 47 percent; marketing automation was next with 40 percent and interactive content creation with 38 percent. Meantime, in addition to paid advertising (broadcast, outdoor, print), being named as the most over-rated marketing tactic, respondents also named social media organic (13 percent) and paid online advertising (11 percent) as the next most over-rated activities.

Increase Your SEO Efforts Effectively

These numbers serve as even more reinforcement that SEO is still very important to digital marketing, and marketing in general. If you want your company or brand to have a strong online presence then you need to get your SEO strategy right. That’s why it’s a great idea to work with NUVEW. We’ll develop the right SEO campaign for your needs and help increase your traffic and your leads. Please contact us today by clicking here, or by calling us at 219-323-3343.



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