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Are Any of These SEO Mistakes Hurting You?

Common SEO Mistakes That Really Hurt

The world of SEO is not a perfect science. There are many thoughts and strategies and they all claim to get the best results. There is no one size fits all method to successful SEO. But there are some battle-tested strategies that do work for just about every business with an online presence. At the same time, there are also several common SEO mistakes that people often make when working on search engine optimization. In fact, there are some mistakes that even the so-called experts make. Are you making some of these mistakes?

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Having a bad internal link structure – quality external links are important. You don’t want to link to bad websites or pages. This can really hurt your SEO score. However, your internal links are also very important. So make sure you don’t have broken links, or error pages popping up because your internal link structure is bad. You should provide clear links and pathways to additional pages, especially conversion pages.

Posting content for the sake of posting content – content is extremely important. However, you won’t get positive SEO results if you post content just for the sake of posting content. Your content should be relevant, timely, fresh and useful. It should also include your targeted keywords. Long from, evergreen content is typically the best. Take the time to create valuable content for your readers. That is way more effective than trying to write guest posts on other sites or linking to non-worthy content elsewhere. This will help your link building and help build your brand.

Not enough content promotion – once you’ve got your content strategy nailed down and you’re creating good, useable content, you have to promote it. Great content does little good if no one sees it. So take the time and effort to get the word out and share and promote your content. After all, you need people to see it if you want to turn them into conversions.

Getting your keywords wrong – keywords are obviously important. But you have to be sure you’re targeting the right ones. Failing to optimize for the right keywords won’t do you any good. Avoid high volume phrases that don’t convert. Don’t use broad keywords that bring up too many choices on the result pages. Avoid keywords that aren’t relevant to your audience.

NUVEW Does Your SEO Right

These are just a few of the common SEO mistakes that sometimes even the experts make. No one is perfect when it comes to SEO. And remember, SEO is not a perfect science. It takes time and effort, and often trial and error, to find the right recipe for SEO success. If you need help with your SEO strategies then please contact NUVEW today. We focus on the SEO methods and strategies that bring you results. Please click here to contact us online, or call us at 219-323-3343 to get the SEO results you seek.



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