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What Trends Are Taking Over Social Media Marketing

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If you like change then you’ll be excited to get involved in the world of social media marketing, because this is one area that never stops evolving. Social media marketing is a huge part of SEO and digital marketing in general; and it seems to be playing an ever-increasing role in the success of any given business. From Facebook to Twitter and from Instagram to Snapchat, there is no end to the leverage your business can receive with effective social media marketing.

Live Video Rules

So with that constant change in mind, what trends are hot right now in the industry that you should be aware of? Possibly the hottest new trend in social media marketing is live video streaming. With mobile web traffic increasing and more and more Millennials always online, sharing interesting and relative video content is always a plus, especially when it’s live. You can use these events to introduce new products or services, or make major announcements. They’re also good for live interaction with your followers, which helps them feel closer to your brand. Whether you use live video to create excitement or show off some of your charitable initiatives it’s a great way to build and strengthen your following.

Social Slideshow Ads

Have you heard of social slideshow ads? These are starting to show up a lot more and for good reason. They allow a business to create effective ads with either videos or images, or both, which can quickly and effectively spread the word to followers or other interested parties. They help create more exposure and interaction, which helps build your brand image.

Instagram Stories 7 Social Chat

With a tip of the cap to Snapchat, Instagram recently added a “story” feature to its feed, which now makes it possible for browsers to follow their favorite Instagram feeds 24-7. This has also made it possible for businesses to show off their brands in the Instagram app’s best location; several big name brands are already taking advantage. Along these same lines, social chat has become a big deal in the social media marketing game. This allows followers to chat with companies and for companies to get more personalized with their followers.

Quality Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing industry is constantly evolving and that means your business needs to evolve with it. At NUVEW we’ll help you keep up with the latest social media trends and ensure that your strategies are meeting your unique needs. Just give us a call at 219-323-3343 or click here.



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