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12 Ways to Improve Your Website

Businesses need to have a current website that is up-to-date with any changes you’ve made. A website should be ever-evolving to put forth your best branding. Just as you wouldn’t give out a business card with an old email you don’t use, it’s important that your website has accurate information. Here are 12 ways to improve your website. Our team at NUVEW Web Solutions can help you redesign and revamp your website. Call for a consultation today. 

Logo and Brand Ambiance

Think of your website as a digital storefront. Just as you’d want a well-designed sign on your building, your website needs a suitable logo. The color scheme needs to be consistent and welcoming to visitors. After all, visual elements reflect the quality of the products you provide, so you want it to be a good representation. 

Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel leads clients to a decision. Use this strategy in your navigation tabs with an understanding of what information clients will need each step of the way. 

Simplify Navigation

A website shouldn’t be hard to navigate. Avoid using long or overly descriptive phrases for your navigation tab: “Get to know me” is less impactful than “About.” Keep the navigation tab to 5 tabs or less to avoid confusion. 

Make Your Call to Action Clear

A call to action spurs prospects to act once they’ve reached the end of the customer journey. Include a visible call to action button that directs clients to your email or phone number. 

Use Good Headlines

Clients form an opinion within 5 seconds of entering your site. Your heading should make it clear what you stand for and what you can achieve for them. 

Be Customer-Centric​​

Your copy should explain how your products and services will improve your prospective client’s life. Answer their questions and make your copy customer-centric to keep the focus on what they need. 

Optimize for Organic Searches

SEO, or search engine optimization, increases your website’s visibility by boosting its placement in Google searches. As a result, you’ll have higher website traffic and reach a larger audience. 

Use Testimonials

Your website alone establishes credibility. Using testimonials to your advantage can foster trust between you and your prospects. It’s one thing to say something about your own business and entirely different to hear it from someone else. 

Responsive Mobile Site

About half of all website visits are done on a mobile device, so don’t overlook your mobile site. You need a clean, responsive design that is scaled properly and responds quickly. 

Clickable Contact Information

Make it easy for prospects to get in touch by linking for phone number and email address on your site. 

Quick Loading

Clients will typically stay for less than 5 seconds on a website if it doesn’t load fast enough. Optimizing web elements can decrease loading time and therefore boost the number of conversions you receive. 

Secure Site Lock Sign in URL Bar

Nowadays, website security is essential to your customers’ trust, since that lock symbol indicates that your site is secure. 

Contact Our Digital Marketing Experts Today

Your website functions like a digital storefront, so you want it to look and work at its very best. NUVEW Web Solutions can help you enhance your digital presence. Contact us for a consultation. 



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