How to Convert Leads into Sales

January 29, 2019

As a business operating in your local community, one of your top priorities is to convert more leads into sales, thereby increasing your profit margins. But while maximizing conversions may seem easy in theory–offer a great product, engage your customer, make an ask, and voila!–it’s not always that simple. If you have a website, and […] Read More

5 Features of a Great Website

January 15, 2019

Marketing one’s business today starts with a great website. Indeed, in the digital age, a large percentage of consumers use web-based information to make purchasing decisions, and many make those purchases online through a company’s website. Which means that in order to attract more leads and convert those leads into sales, a well-designed website is […] Read More

How to Maximize User Engagement

January 8, 2019

As a business owner, knowing how to maximize user engagement to drive sales is a key part of a successful marketing strategy. At NUVEW, we work with business to implement various tools and practices to maximize user engagement. Here are some basics that you can start incorporating today– What Is User Engagement? Customer engagement, or […] Read More

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