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Basic Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy


If you want to be competitive in 2019, your company has to have a website and that website must be governed by an effective content marketing strategy. Unfortunately, too many business owners think that putting up a website and keeping a blog is enough; however, a successful content marketing strategy is much more multifaceted than that and often takes the help of a professional to perfect. If you’re looking for ways to improve your content marketing approach, our team at NUVEW can help. Some of the most basic elements that we believe are critical to a thriving content marketing plan include–

Define Target Market

Before you even start designing your website, and certainly before you put any content on it, you must define your target market. Essentially, this is the process of identifying who your potential customer is, including how old they are, where they live, their gender, their income level or profession, their socioeconomic status, and even their likes and dislikes. Until you truly understand your target customer, you cannot create a marketing strategy that is designed to attract that customer.

Content Is King, and Consistency is Queen

Sure, the saying that “content is king” may be a little dated, but it’s just as true in 2019 as it’s ever been. The idea behind this phrase is that the content that you post on your website will (hopefully) make a significant impression on your customer, and therefore the content that you post must be engaging, informative, authoritative, and original. And not only that, but you must post consistently. This means that your website cannot have the same content on it for too long, or go for too many days without an update.

Your Brand Must Tell a Story

You’ve already identified your target customer; now it’s time to figure out your message and what exactly it is you have to say and offer. Remember that it’s not just about focusing on the how of your product or service, but the why. Why is your company unique? Why should a customer choose you over the other guy?

The why behind your brand needs to be told through a story, and your brand’s story needs to be reiterated in every piece of content that you post, whether that’s a blog on your website, a blurb on social media, or the background image on one of your landing pages.

NUVEW Can Help

The above are just a few of the most basics elements of a successful content marketing strategy, but the list above is by no means inclusive. At NUVEW, we have a team of content marketing specialists who are passionate about helping businesses like yours grow. Call us today to learn more about our website design and marketing services, or send us a message at your convenience.

Social Media and SEO – What’s the Connection?

For businesses in Illinois, Indiana, and throughout the country, the only way to remain competitive is to have a great website, and know how to drive traffic to that website. Indeed, gone are the days, unfortunately, when just doing “good business” was what got companies referrals and customers. Instead, today, customers are interested in businesses’ online activities, online reviews, blog content, website user experience, and more. And one thing that can affect search engine optimization (SEO) the most is social media activity. Here’s what you should know–

Ranking Signals Used by Search Engines

A brief synopsis of the complexity of this topic is this: Google uses a number of different factors (and nobody really knows what they all are) in order to determine how a website should rank, i.e where it should be displayed on a search results page – towards the top or towards the bottom. We know that one such factor that Google and other search engines consider is that of shared links on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This means that activity on both of these sites is used as a “ranking signal,” and that maintaining a strong presence on either or both could help your company rank higher. Keep in mind that there is a correlation between social media use and ranking, not necessarily causation.

Ranking Signals Aside, Social Media Builds Your Audience

Let’s pretend for a minute that social media use and engagement isn’t a ranking signal and has no correlation between where a company’s website falls on a search results page. Even if we assumed this to be true (which data shows that it isn’t), we know that regardless, social media builds your audience.

Essentially, as a platform with more than two billions users, Facebook is a fantastic place to let those in your community and surrounding areas know about your product, product goals and development, and your company story. You can improve your web presence and quickly build your audience using Facebook and other social media platforms. And because new websites are being created by the hundreds every minute, doing whatever you can to increase your audience and improve your web presence is strongly recommended.

Improve Your Social Media Presence Today

Understanding how social media works and the strong relationship it has with SEO can be confusing as a non-marketing professional. Which is why if you want to drive organic traffic to your website and increase the number of qualified leads you receive, working with a marketing and SEO professional is a must. At NUVEW, we specialize in all aspects of online marketing, including both SEO and social media marketing.

To learn more about our online marketing services and how we can support your business’ growth, please call us today at 219-323-3343 or send us a message telling us more about your online marketing goals. We are a local SEO company that’s passionate about supporting other local businesses in our community.

What Is User Experience?

Online marketing is more than just creating a website, putting your product online, or advertising your business name. In fact, a great online marketing campaign factors in numerous different elements in order to be successful, including effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, a social media campaign, great content, and perhaps most importantly, an engaging and positive user experience.

Defining User Experience

User experience, referred to simply as UX amongst SEO pros, is a focus on a user’s perceptions and responses while using a website, and requires having a developed understanding of who one’s users are, what those users needs, and what a user’s values and abilities are. Whether or not a user (potential customer!) has a positive or negative user experience depends on a number of different website criteria, including:

  • Usability;
  • Usefulness;
  • Credibility;
  • Accessibility;
  • Findability; and
  • Desirability.

In addition to the above, things like website layout and visual design have a huge impact on user experience, too. So does mobile-friendliness; if your website cannot be easily navigated on a smartphone or other handheld device, experience for these users will be poor.

Why User Experience Matters

User experience is incredibly important, both for building long-term relationships with your customers and for some more immediate, practical reasons (i.e. if your potential customer cannot navigate your site, they’ll likely get frustrated and leave well before ever becoming a sale). CrazyEgg emphasizes that user experience is important because it affects:

  1. Customer loyalty;
  2. Conversion rates;
  3. Return on investment;
  4. Efficiency and productivity; and
  5. Customer satisfaction.

So How Can I Improve UX?

If you want to improve UX, the first thing that you need to do is start understanding your customer. Who is your customer? Where do they live? What do they want? What do they value? How can your product or service meet their needs?

Once you understand your customer, the next step is understanding online marketing and some basic musts that your marketing strategy should incorporate, such as a blog, social media usage, and mobile-friendly platform. From there, some proven strategies for enhancing UX include:

  • Testing different approaches;
  • Trying out responsive web design;
  • Providing good–but not overwhelming–information (i.e. keep it simple);
  • Using customer surveys; and
  • Reworking your calls-to-action.

Working with an Online Marketing Company Can Help

If you’re not an online marketing specialist and are worried about successfully running your own operation, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is creating a website that rocks. Luckily, our team at NUVEW is here to do that for you. We specialize in various elements of online marketing, including social media marketing, SEO, website design, and yes, user experience!

For a consultation with our team about how you can improve your website and connect with more customers today, please call us at 219-323-3343 or send us a message directly.