Homewood Website Design Services: Learn How You Can Wow Your Customers from Your First Interaction

You have certainly heard about the importance of first impressions, and according to some, first impressions are everything. While this phrase may ring true to you, you probably haven’t ever applied it to a customer’s interaction with your business, especially as it pertains to digital marketing.

Learn How You Can Wow Your Customers from Your First Interaction

  • Imagine a situation where a customer is in need of your services, but they don’t yet know anything about your business. To get the information they need, they hop onto Google, type in your business’s name (or some keywords related to your business), and click on your website. Unfortunately, the customer is met with a website that is hard to navigate, isn’t mobile friendly, doesn’t load quickly, doesn’t give them the information they need about your services, and to be honest, looks as though it’s from the 90s. The customer is turned off by this mess of website, and quickly leaves, instead turning to the services of another company whose online information is much more precise and easy to access.

    At NUVEW, this is where our experienced Homewood website design professionals come in. We have the experience and skill set that you are looking for, and can transform your website from one that repels to one that wows.

How We Help Business Get More Traffic and Leads

Great website design is a multifaceted process; while artistic design and attractiveness is certainly a large part of website design, it is not the whole part. In fact, when we think about website design, we think about user experience, responsive design, SEO, and other critical components of digital marketing. Here are some important terms to know related to website design:

  • Responsive design. Responsive design is a website’s ability to respond and adapt when accessed on screens of different sizes. Remember, gone are the days when desktops were all the rage; today, people use their tablets and phones to access information on the web. If your website isn’t able to display efficiently on these screen sizes, you can consider the customer lost.
  • User experience. Also referred to as UX, user experience is exactly what it sounds like: the experience that a person has when they visit your website. We not only create websites that enhance user experience, but can also monitor and measure UX during your website’s lifetime in order to make changes where necessary to create more leads.
  • SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, means optimizing a website so that search engines (like Google) can find it and display it when customers search related terms. While SEO is often associated with paid marketing tools, like PPC, or blog writing, SEO starts with website design. In fact, things like responsive design are a huge factor in SEO, as are things like the images used, keywords in headings on pages, and more. We know how to design websites with SEO in mind to get you the interent recognition you deserve.

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  • At NUVEW, we are a collection of SEO specialists, writers, and design and development experts that have the combined knowledge and resources to create an effective and attractive website. If your business is looking for a way to enhance its online presence, create a better first impressions for customers, or improve its sales, we can help. We create websites that are completely unique and tailored to your business.

    Information about our services and a quote specific to your business are completely free. To get your free estimate today, use our online form to tell us a little bit more about what you’re looking for and your business. You can also call us directly at 219-323-3343 for more information!

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