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Online success in the 21st century takes more than just having a website and throwing some content onto that website; it takes strategy, originality, and impressive design. When website design doesn’t wow, and doesn’t do everything possible to enhance user experience, the result may be lost customers.




How We Transform Your Website from Good to Great

At NUVEW, we have been helping companies and small businesses like yours in Illinois and Indiana meet their digital marketing needs, and the process begins with great website design. For website design services that you can count on, call our professionals today for your free estimate and consultation.


Our Website Design Services

When we design websites for businesses like yours, the little details matter to us – we want to make sure that everything about your website is perfect. Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Navigability. Have you ever visited a website only to feel confused by its design, and become frustrated by your inability to navigate its pages? When navigability is a hassle, consumers are likely to exit a page rather than attempt to find the information that they’re looking for. An early exit means that your lead never converts, and you are left without a sale or a customer. We make sure that all information on your website is easy to find, and that load time and broken links are never issues.
  • Attractiveness. Customers care about what things look like, plain and simple. When a website is overwhelming, text is hard to read, or images aren’t eye-catching and attractive, a customer will be turned off. We work with artists and graphic design experts that know how to create the most attractive sites on the web, and know how to create websites that are pleasant to look at, focusing on everything from the size and color of the text to art and images.
  • Mobile-friendliness. Another issue that small business owners run into when they try to create websites without professional assistance is a lack of mobile-friendliness. When a website is mobile friendly, also known as responsive, it is able to automatically adapt when accessed on screens of different sizes. As the number of users who access the web via mobile is ever-increasing, this is essential for your online presence and success.
  • Uniqueness. Finally, we want to make sure that your website highlight you. We never use templates or pre-made designs; instead, everything that we create is unique, and specific to your business, brand, and preferences. If there is something specific that you want, we can make it happen.

Website Design and Online Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

As we design your website, we incorporate the best practices for online marketing, too. This includes all of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tricks, like URL structuring, link building, heading tags, and more. If you are ready to add content to your website, we perform keyword research to ensure that your content is written to reach your target customer. When you’re ready, we can also devise strategic plans for social media marketing, email marketing, and more to help you reach more customers.

From Seo To
Web Development

Having a strong online presence is critical to building trust with consumers. Potential customers form an impression of your business based on search engine results, your website, and your social media platforms. We’ll help you strategically promote the information and offerings that best tell your story, leveraging the power of these online platforms to bring customers to you.

Website Design

A well-designed website will hold your
customers’ interest longer and make them
more likely to return. Your website is your
online space to showcase and promote
your business, and we’ll make sure it
represents your company beautifully.

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We want your business to reach its full potential and have as much success as possible. We have the experience and skill set that your business deserves, and care about the customer experience. When you need to take your website and your business to the next level, our team is here to assist you. To learn more about our website design services near you, and to get a free estimate, please contact us today. You can reach us now by phone at 219-323-3343, or you can write us a message using the form on our website.

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