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Website design services for your Evergreen Park business may help your business reach more customers than it ever has before, resulting in its growth. Having a great website does more than just help you reach customer or help customers to find you, though; it also provides customers with the information that they need in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to spend their money with your company. And because more people than ever before turn to the web in order to find the information that they need to do this, if your website doesn’t wow and your competitor’s does, there is a very strong chance that your potential client will choose your competitor’s business over yours.

How to Get Ahead of Your Competitors


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  • There is a way, however, to get ahead of your competitors and attract more customers and convert them into leads: effective website design. At NUVEW, our effective website design process begins with learning about your business, your products, and services. We also take the time to learn about your customer, knowing that different demographics respond differently to distinct website designs, and we want to make sure that we’re readying your target customer.

    Then, we start designing. This means creating pages, graphics, images, a layout, and content for your website. Every website we design for our clients in Evergreen Park and surrounding areas is completely original and unique, and you are welcome to be as involved in the design process as you feel comfortable with.


When we are designing and developing your website, there are a few very specific elements that we focus on to ensure your website’s greatness. These include:

  • Responsive design. If your website is responsive in its design, this means that it will automatically adapt when accessed on screens of different sizes. Because a large percentage of people use their smartphones or tablets to access the web these days, this is a very important feature. In addition to reaching more customers by being responsive, responsive design also helps search engines find your site.
  • Technical details. We also want to make sure that your website is free from any technical glitches that may impair is search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness or frustrate customers to the point that they leave your site earlier than they would otherwise. This includes preventing against elements such as a slow load time, broken URLS and links, images that don’t load properly, and text and graphics that don’t display correctly.
  • Easy to navigate. When you use the internet and visit a website, there are few things more frustrating that being overwhelmed by the website’s content. For example, have you ever been searching for something very specific on a business’s webpage – like their hours of operation or how to contact them – and can’t find this information? We want to make sure that every customer to your website is able to find exactly what they are looking for, and that navigating around your site is easy and straightforward.
  • Attractiveness. Finally, our goal is to create a website for your Evergreen Park business that is not only functional and effective, but is aesthetically appealing too. We work with talented artists and graphic designers who create images, text, and layouts that impress.


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