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COVID-19 and Digital Marketing: Why It’s More Important than Ever to Have an Online Presence

When the coronavirus pandemic first started, many felt sure that the disease would be confined to outside of the United States. In February and March, though, numbers of cases in the United States had grown rapidly and by April, most states had stay-at-home orders in place. In May, though, it seemed as though all would be okay, and many businesses were allowed to reopen. It didn’t take long before numbers again surged, and the disease started to make a comeback in the U.S

Because no one knows exactly what will happen in the future, one thing can be said for sure: It’s important to prepare your business for online operations. This means that having a strong digital marketing presence is more important than ever before. At NUVEW, we can help.

Customers Maintaining Social Distancing Want to Know About Your Business

Regardless of whether or not your business is open and performing in-person services, you can be sure that there are people in your community who are much more comfortable maintaining social distancing. This means that these customers are going to turn to the internet to find out as much about your business, your products, and your services as they can before becoming a sale. You have an opportunity to connect with these customers by ensuring that your website is as comprehensive, user-friendly, informative, and attractive as possible.

Our Digital Marketing Services

At NUVEW, we provide an array of digital marketing services that can help to elevate your business’s online performance. These include:

  • Website design and development. Our website design and development services can help your business get the attractive and navigable website it needs.
  • Content development services. Our team can develop all of your website’s content, ranging from landing pages to blog content and more.
  • SEO services. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical part of ensuring that search engines can find and display your business. We are SEO experts.
  • Social media marketing. If you need help getting your social media presence up to speed, we have you covered.

Choose Our Team for Digital Marketing Services Today

Even in a post-COVID world, it’s highly likely that customers will continue to perform much of their research and shopping remotely. Your business has an opportunity to connect with more customers in its community by investing in digital marketing services. At NUVEW, we can help. Please reach out to our Indiana-based team of digital marketing professionals today to learn more about our services. 



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