Mobile Website Design

Posted on January 20, 2014

Why a mobile website is a necessity.

Think about how often you find yourself researching on your phone for a business. What do you do when you visit a website and it’s not formatted to fit your mobile device? Do you keep searching on their site or do you get frustrated and leave? Most people will leave. That means if you don’t have a mobile version of your website you are losing money. As technology has become more and more advanced, your website must also evolve. comScore issued a report entitled “2013 Mobile Future in Focus” that found the U.S. smartphone market finally surpassed 70 percent mobile market penetration. That’s more than 125 million smartphone subscribers, a 99-percent increase from just two years ago. That number will continue to grow. A mobile website design is vital to the success of a business’s digital marketing strategy.

How much does webpage design cost?

The first step our web design firm will take is to establish the tone your custom website should have – formal, casual, personal, or professional. Each business is different and has its own personality. We focus our webpage design on conveying your business’ persona. This will make your potential clients more comfortable with your business and more likely you will be selected when they have a need. Each business is different and so are our websites. No matter what your budget we have affordable web design services that will meet your needs. Call us today at 219-323-3343 for a free no obligation web design and development consultation.