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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your WordPress Website

After investing money into creating a custom website for your branding, you want to feel secure knowing that your website will continue to run optimally so you can continue furthering your online presence. But what happens when you need to update a plugin, you’ve been receiving spam messages, or if your site is running slowly? All WordPress websites need regular maintenance, and our team at NUVEW Web Solutions uses that to our advantage to keep your site at peak performance.

Website technology is always evolving, and so is your business. Regular updates are essential to maintaining an outstanding customer experience. Below, we address all of your questions relating to WordPress maintenance and the benefits they offer for your business’s website. 

Increased Security and Protection from Hackers

Your website’s security is one of the most important parts of your WordPress maintenance plan. If your website is compromised by hackers or malware, you can lose your data and even your positive reputation. Furthermore, computer viruses and scams are constantly changing, meaning your website needs to be prepared against these ongoing threats. Website maintenance ensures that your site is up-to-date against the latest security threats, keeping your information safe and secure.

Site Backups

If your information is compromised by hackers, your website host may suspend your account, and you’ll lose everything. That’s why site backups are important to protecting your website. WordPress allows for regular backups so that in the case of a disaster, we can easily solve the issue by restoring your website to its most recent backup. That way, you aren’t starting from scratch, although some information may still be lost. Your website will be back up and running right after the problem is solved. WordPress is one of the most reliable ways to do so, since it stores your information and makes it readily accessible when needed. 

Optimize Site Performance

If your website loads slowly, you are at risk of losing customers. According to Google data, even if a waiting period increases from one second to a mere three seconds can increase the chances of visitors leaving by 32%. With this in mind, you need your website to run as smoothly as it can to minimize the time it takes to load. This can be accomplished by removing unneeded plugins, eliminating junk data and optimizing your images. Our website team knows exactly how to optimize WordPress so that your site loads efficiently. 

Upgrade WordPress Features

WordPress constantly creates new features and plugins to improve your site’s customer experience. Part of website maintenance is making sure that all of your website’s features are the latest version, whether it’s the theme or plugins. Typically, these updates also include patches for glitches and other issues, which further increases your website’s quality. Ideally, these features should be updated as soon as possible for maximum efficiency.

Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

When a customer visits your website, you want to impress them with a functional, beautifully designed website. WordPress makes it easy to keep all of your site’s features up-to-date, and our team at NUVEW Web Solutions handles all of these updates for you. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.



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