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Understanding Google Maps SEO

More than ever, people turn to the internet to find the services that they need. Let’s say you’re searching for an HVAC contractor. You’d probably search Google for “air conditioning repair near me” or something similar. The same is true for your business: prospects searching for your services do the same, whether you’re a lawyer or a chiropractor. That’s why ensuring your business is visible on Google Local Search will help you increase your sales. Placing higher in search rankings is possible by using local search engine optimization (SEO). Investing in local SEO means getting your business recognized on Google Maps, which instantly boosts your visibility. 

In order to reap the benefits, consider the following information on Google Maps SEO. NUVEW Web Solutions can help you set up your local SEO strategy for success, so call us to get started. 

Why Is Google Maps SEO Important? 

Just like any marketing strategy, Google Maps SEO requires your time and attention for success. So, why should you invest your energy into it? Consider these statistics if you’re on the fence: 

  • 28% of local searches lead to a purchase
  • 98% of clients use Google searches to learn more about local businesses
  • About 1/3 of organic searches for location-based businesses use local SEO

With these staggering facts in mind, you’ll want to employ Google Maps SEO to enhance your website’s discoverability. 

How to Get Started With Local SEO 

Your first step in your Google Maps SEO strategy is to create and optimize a Google Business profile. This profile allows you to feature client reviews, photos provided by your business, Google posts and more to generate engagement with your brand. The better your profile’s reputation, the higher it will rank in Google. You will want to track your website’s rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) before making any adjustments to any keywords present in your profile. 

Using Google Maps SEO to Reach Higher Rankings in Local Searches

Once your Google Business profile is up and running, you can follow these tips to further your visibility: 

  • Include Target Keywords In Your Business Description. Relevance is an important aspect that Google considers to determine which local content is worth showing to viewers. Including target keywords in a detailed description of your business’s services can increase your local search visibility.
  • Add Photos. Adding images to your profile instantly increases your rankings because many searches are now done using images. Only use images that describe your business’s practices and are relatable to your audience. More pictures mean more opportunities to rank higher.
  • Use Reviews to Build Credibility. Show, don’t just tell: online reviews are a popular way for prospects to explore what your business has to offer. Collecting plenty of positive reviews improves your credibility and indicates to Google that your business profile is quality, which can further increase your rankings.

Contact an SEO Expert for More Advice

Google Maps SEO can unlock new opportunities to do business with local clientele. Our team at NUVEW Web Solutions can answer all of your questions regarding local SEO, Google Business profile creation and more. Get in touch today to begin!



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