How Will These 2017 Trends Change the Face of Digital Marketing?

Posted on March 21, 2017

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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase digital marketing? Chances are just about everyone will have a slightly different answer because digital marketing is such vast category. Our increasingly mobile world is constantly bombarded with online and digital marketing ploys to grab our attention and persuade us to move in one direction or another, especially as consumers. Like it or not, the world of digital marketing is here to stay. So with that in mind, what can we expect to see in the coming year from this ever-growing and changing industry?

More Speed and Intelligence

Web users have grown up with a culture of speed and they will continue to get even more. Everyone wants everything so fast. In fact, thanks to social media and other technologies, the younger generation doesn’t know any other way. Instagram, and Snapchat are just two examples of instant gratification, but you should fully expect a few more big name social media apps that offer this kind of service to pop up sometime this year. Likewise, artificial intelligence continues to grow and 2017 should see even more advances in this technology, including AI becoming a larger part of the digital marketing industry.

Mobile Consumerism and Social Influencers

The world will continue to get even more mobile and that means our consumer habits will keep pushing in this direction. With social media apps, personal digital assistants and innovative mobile technologies consumers continue to shop and make more purchases online. As these features and technologies continue to get more advanced we’ll see an even greater movement toward mobile consumerism. Plus, because consumers have constant access to these apps social influencers will continue to play a greater role in how and where consumers spend their money.

Up Your Digital Marketing Game

If you own a business then chances are you own a website. If you have a website then most likely you have at least done some digital marketing and you’re likely considering more. Digital marketing is extremely important to your company and your brand so you need to make sure you are doing it right. At NUVEW, we keep up with all the latest trends in this ever-changing field and we’re prepared to get you the most out of your digital marketing efforts. Please give us a call today for experienced digital marketing knowledge and expertise. Call 219-323-3343 or contact us online by clicking here.