Avoid These Damaging Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Posted on May 5, 2015

Have you joined the social media marketing bandwagon? If you haven’t yet discovered the value of marketing via social media then you are missing out. On the other hand, if you’re already on board and understand the importance of reaching out to your customers and/or followers through social platforms, the next question is, are you doing it right? Are you getting everything out of your social media marketing that you could be, or are you making costly mistakes that are limiting the success of your overall campaign?

There are many aspects that make a social media marketing campaign successful, and likewise, there are several mistakes that can be just as detrimental. Therefore, if you’re already using social media, you need to makes sure you’re doing it right. So what kinds of things should you be looking out for to make sure you avoid these costly mistakes?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with social media is bragging about how great they are. The bottom line is if you’re already doing well with your followers then don’t do anything to turn them off, including shameless self-promotion. Another mistake some businesses make is to give social media a half-hearted effort. In other words, don’t treat social media as a side project, or as something you’ll do when you get around to it. Social media is very important to any digital marketing campaign. In fact, businesses that have at least 1,000 likes on their Facebook page also receive about 1,400 visits a day to their websites.

Another problem some social media marketers tend to make is to not give their followers relevant or consistent information. It’s important to share the right message at the right time it’s also important to make sure your message is new, clear and consistent but that you don’t just repeat yourself. Your content needs to be useful and it needs to be accurate and grammatically correct. These are just a few of the important items you need to keep track of for any social media marketing campaign, but there are others.

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