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Category: Content Creation

Category: Content Creation


Fade in. Winston! Nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh. Winston! Nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh. Winston! Nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh. Winston! Winston! Winston! In a grumbly, deep voice. Hey guys, it's me, Winston - er, no! I mean Batman. Batman. That's my name


May / 15 / 2024
A True Gentleman… Plus an Apology!

Ughhhhhh. Sighs. Alright, let's just get this humiliation over. Hey guys, it's Winston. Last Wednesday was a little... embarrassing. However, a whole week has come and gone. I am ready to move past my small, highly overexaggerated

An Office Dog’s Quest for a #CleanButt

Sniff, sniff, sniff. Do you guys smell that? Sniff, sniff, sniff. Gosh, where is that awful stench coming from...oh. Oh no. It's me. Dad! Get the puppy wipes ASAP! Things are happening. .... Well, sorry about that,

You Won’t Believe These 6 Office Dog Perks

Oh, Wednesdays, how you taunt this poor office pup. So close to the weekend, yet still so far. I've been trying so hard, dear reader, to give this job my all, but the boredom is stifling. It

An Office Dog: The Tale of Boredom

AHHHHH - say it with me, dear reader. Yes, another week has come and gone, but for this office pup, it has felt like an eternity. Let me spill the tea for you so you can appreciate

Embracing My Destiny

Alright, alright, alright - it's Wednesday again, my friends! Your favorite office pup is back, and boy, do I have some news for you. After my recent escapades with world domination, website building, online dating, star-crossed romance,

Embracing My Destiny

April / 10 / 2024
A Journey to Pawsitivity

Hey everyone - it's Winston. While another week may have flown by for all of you, for me, every passing second feels more agonizing than the last. And no, it's not just because I haven't eaten in

A Journey to Pawsitivity

March / 27 / 2024
A Tail of Star-Crossed Doggos

Wednesday has come yet again my friends, but I'm afraid I have some somber news. I, your humble office pup, have found the love my heart so greatly desired. Now wait wait wait - don't get all

A Tail of Star-Crossed Doggos

March / 20 / 2024
A Long Time Ago on a French Bulldog Dating Site Far Far Away

It is a period of frustration. Winston, your noble, world-dominating pup, has just entered the Frenchie dating scene in the hopes of finding a partner to rule over his inferiors with. His profile has been made, his

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