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Category: Content Creation

Category: Content Creation

A few months ago, we published a blog post about the importance of infographics--which are graphical representations of data or information--for your website. What we failed to talk about, though, is the importance of graphics overall, and

As a business owner who maintains a website, you have probably heard a lot about the importance of posting content on a regular basis. As you consider the types of content that you can post, ranging from

Did you know that keeping a blog is one of the most effective marketing tactics that your business can engage in? To be sure, SEOtribunal.com reports that companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their

As a web development company, we know how crucial quality content is to a website’s success. Your content must engage your audience and give them a reason to return. You may be an expert in your field,

Content Marketing Tips

September / 13 / 2019

The primary goal of any business in Indiana is to increase its profits. But doing this takes hard work, and most successful business owners will tell you that earning customer trust is a huge part of making

Small businesses in Indiana may be niche, local, and customer-focused (all things that can help earn brand trust and recognition), but the truth of it is that no matter how great your small business is, you’re still

As a business owner in Indiana, you’re tasked with running your company, which includes continually marketing to new customers. Marketing has changed a lot over the past decade; today, most marketing is done online instead of via

Most business owners aren’t giving a lot of thought to their business website, especially if they are already engaging in some form or digital marketing, be that content marketing, SEO integration, social media marketing, or a combination.

What is A/B testing and is it something I should be doing? Digital marketing, which has proven to be crucial for a business’s success in today’s world, is, in large part, the process of identifying your target

The Value of A/B Testing

March / 12 / 2019
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