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Category: Content Creation

Category: Content Creation

Small businesses may not have the resources or the bandwidth to engage in complex digital marketing campaigns to attract customers; however, digital marketing is still important. Indeed, consumers use the internet to find businesses and, without an

If you’re a small business owner in Indiana, then maintaining a website is an important part of your marketing efforts. Most consumers today use the internet to learn about and compare businesses, and to ultimately make purchasing

Your business’s website is one of its most powerful--if not the most powerful--marketing tools. With your website, you can share information about your business and your products and services, provide updates, establish yourself as an authority in

Content Audits 101

February / 18 / 2020

As your business develops content for its website, you probably already know that developing content that’s specific to and engaging for your audience is important - after all, what would be the point otherwise? However, while developing

Have you heard of the phrase “content marketing unicorn”? Unicorns are the best of the best - the creme de la creme of content marketing, representing the top three percent of content marketing campaigns. A digital marketing

A few months ago, we published a blog post about the importance of infographics--which are graphical representations of data or information--for your website. What we failed to talk about, though, is the importance of graphics overall, and

As a business owner who maintains a website, you have probably heard a lot about the importance of posting content on a regular basis. As you consider the types of content that you can post, ranging from

Did you know that keeping a blog is one of the most effective marketing tactics that your business can engage in? To be sure, SEOtribunal.com reports that companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their

As a web development company, we know how crucial quality content is to a website’s success. Your content must engage your audience and give them a reason to return. You may be an expert in your field,

Content Marketing Tips

September / 13 / 2019
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