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New Local Services Ads from Google

Do you provide a local service and are advertising on Google? Would you like to be listed on the top of a Google search? Managing ads on Google is about to become more localized with Local Service Ads (formerly named Home Service Ads). Now, this is a separate feature from AdWords and Pay-Per-Click campaigns where potential customers will contact you, and your leads can be managed directly through the app.  (Android and iOS compatible)

What are Local Service Ads?

Simply put, a better way to advertise your local service. Clients no longer have to scroll through pages of a Google Search. The Local Service Ad is at the top of a Google Search. You click on the text ‘50+ garage door services in Atlanta’ to expand the page. All the participating local services will be listed. There is also drop-down menu for specific services and a zip code search.

The potential client can then call or send a message by clicking on the ad.  With the Local Services app, businesses can quickly reply to messages and manage clients. It is important to respond immediately.

How to start advertising with a Local Service Ad?

Your business must be approved by Google. First, apply with Google to begin the verification process.  This includes insurance and licensing requirements. Employees are also required to go through a background check. Because of the process, don’t expect your ad to be approved overnight. The Google Guarantee badge is given when the company is approved. Only certain services can be advertised with Local Service Ads.

What Services?

Locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and garage door services

Are Local Service Ads in NWI?

Local Service Ads are only available in these major cities:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Detroit, MI
  • Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Seattle, WA
  • Washington, D.C.

What is the cost?

Cost is based on location, service, and lead type. You pay when a potential client calls or sends a message. If a lead is not legitimate, you can submit a dispute with Google to get your money back. A weekly budget is set according to the number of leads you want. Your budget can be easily tracked and managed in the app.

Why should you use Local Service Ads?

  • Your company is at the top of the Google Search page
  • You only pay for leads related to your service
  • Easy way to build the Google Guarantee
  • Convenient use for you with the app to manage and reply to customers
  • Direct communication with potential clients

What can NUVEW do to help you?

Do you want to advertise on Google? This feature is not yet available in NWI area, but here at NUVEW we stay current with Google updates. Other than organic searches, Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords are the ways to offer your service on Google. If you are interested in increasing your advertising with Local SEO or PPC, contact us today. Call us at 219-227-8558, or click here to reach us online.

Keys to Hiring the Right SEO Company

Top Tips for Choosing Your SEO Company

Choices, choices, choices. Sometimes having so many choices can be a good thing, but in other cases, it just makes a decision a lot more difficult. This can be the case with choosing an SEO company. There is no shortage of SEO companies that are looking for your business. The problem is they all have the same goal in mind and they are all using the same knowledge and tools to get you to the top of the search engine rankings. So what is a business owner to do? How do you choose the right SEO company?

Focus on These Key Areas

There are so many different things to look at when searching for an SEO company. Here are a few of the most important areas to pay attention to.

Expertise – Not all SEO companies are the same. Some focus on one or two aspects of SEO, while others offer full service. You should make sure the company you choose is focused on the area, or areas, you need help with. If it doesn’t have expertise in the area you want to focus on, then keep looking.

Experience – there’s nothing quite like experience. Therefore, when you choose an SEO company be sure to look at its past performance. You can ask for references as well as testimonials from previous clients in order to gauge how a company has performed previously.

Attributes – every SEO company will do things a little differently, so study a company’s attributes before making a decision. In other words, research how each company operates and goes about its business. For example, customer service, transparency & reporting, leadership, and transferring information are all important factors to gauge.

Value – as with anything life, you get what you pay for. Price is important, but the cheapest option is not always the best option. Therefore, weigh all of these factors to be sure you are getting the best value and not just the lowest price.

Count on NUVEW to Get it Right

At NUVEW, we know you have a lot of choices for SEO, but we set ourselves apart by keeping our focus on the most important factors. We have proven experience, expert knowledge and understanding of best SEO practices and we offer our services at a competitive price. Please contact us today to see how we can help you move your online business forward with the right SEO strategy. Just click here or give us a call at 219-323-3343.

PPC vs. SEO – Which One Is Right for You?

Attracting More Users

Every website owner wants as many visitors to his or her site as possible. After all there isn’t much point to having a web site if no one sees it. How you go about getting more visitors to your site depends on a lot of factors. There are several options for attracting more attention, but in most cases web owners either employ pay-per-click (PPC) strategies or search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, or in some cases both. So which one works the best and which one is right for you? The answers depend on a lot of factors and there are both advantages and disadvantages to both strategies.

Pros and Cons

First, SEO is a method of getting more users by using various ideas and strategies to score well in the search engine rankings and thus be more likely to be found by users performing specific searches. PPC is actually paying for advertising that looks a lot like an SEO result but is really an ad that ends up at the top of the page of search engine results. While SEO is not paid advertising you are going to have to pay to get the desired high rankings you’re looking for. SEO takes a careful, thought out strategy with many months of effort in order to obtain the desired results, so it’s not free. And therein lies the biggest downfall to SEO. It takes time. For someone with little patience or for someone that can’t afford to wait for results, SEO might not be the best strategy.

Very Competitive

Another downside to SEO is that everyone is doing it. In other words, there are a lot of SEO experts and companies and they are all employing the same tactics to get the same results, so it’s a very competitive battle. That’s not to say that the PPC field isn’t competitive. The truth is many people are competing for the same ad space for a given search query so you have to be prepared to pay for that space, while at the same time not overpay. With PPC, no matter what, you are always going to pay to be at the top, whereas with SEO if you take the time to eventually get to the top you can most likely pay a lot less to stay there.

Why Not Try Both?

In reality, in most cases it’s a good idea to do both SEO and PPC. The key is to determine your goals and then figure out your budget for both. By implementing both of these strategies correctly you are likely to get more visitors from both SEO and PPC ads. If you’re not sure how to do this, NUVEW can definitely help you succeed. We have experienced professionals in both SEO and PPC that are ready to assist you. Give us a call at 219-323-3343 or click here.