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Category: Pay Per Click (PPC)

Category: Pay Per Click (PPC)

If your business has a website and is looking for ways to improve its online presence and audience reach, advertising may be your best bet. There are two different ways that you can garner leads: through organic

FAQs About PPC Advertising 

October / 13 / 2020

Digital marketers should be tracking and measuring the success of their digital marketing campaigns--the best way to do this is through monitoring digital marketing KPIs, or key performance indicators. Whether you’re running your own marketing campaign or

If you are looking for ways to promote your business and gain more online traction, then you may have considered Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) - an online ad service operated through the biggest and most

An Overview of Google Ads 

April / 21 / 2020

Businesses in Indiana today have a variety of different marketing tools available to them - social media use, content creation, and blog writing, website design aimed to enhance user experience, and the use of customer testimonials are

What Is PPC?

April / 30 / 2019

If your business has invested in any digital marketing services, or if you’ve done some online research regarding the implementation of an online marketing campaign, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “click-through rate” a time or two.

Do you provide a local service and are advertising on Google? Would you like to be listed on the top of a Google search? Managing ads on Google is about to become more localized with Local Service

Top Tips for Choosing Your SEO Company Choices, choices, choices. Sometimes having so many choices can be a good thing, but in other cases, it just makes a decision a lot more difficult. This can be the

Attracting More Users Every website owner wants as many visitors to his or her site as possible. After all there isn’t much point to having a web site if no one sees it. How you go about

If you still haven’t looked into pay-per-click advertising for your online business it’s something you should strongly consider. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are an effective way to increase your web traffic and in turn get more leads and

How Can PPC Help Your Business?

September / 15 / 2015
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