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Top Reasons to Pay for Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design Is Worth the Price

There are literally thousands of different web design options available today. And there are almost as many “web designers” to choose from, as well. In addition, these days, just about everyone thinks they can design their own website. It’s true that web design has become much easier. There are many online guides and simple build-your-own programs available. However, just because you CAN build your own website, doesn’t mean you should.

Experienced Web Design Matters

Building a professional website usually takes a professional web designer. They are called professionals for a reason. Yes, you can save some money by doing it yourself, or by paying your best friend’s sister’s high school son’s friend to do it. But that will usually get you a very basic website. Not a clean, eye-catching, professional site that will help your business.

Benefits of Using a Pro

So why is using a professional web designer the best choice?  Let’s look at a few benefits of hiring an experienced web design professional.

You’ll get a Professional Look – if you’ve done any online browsing then no doubt you’ve come across websites done by professionals and others by amateurs. The difference is usually easy to tell. If you want a professional looking web design then trust it to a professional designer.

See Their Work – when you hire a professional designer you will easily be able to see their previous work before you start. This will give you a great idea as to what level of skill and expertise you will be getting.

Proven Results – you also get the assurance that your professional web designer will get the results you want. That’s because they use methods and strategies that work. You can avoid getting stuck with outdated designs elements that don’t help, or avoid using new trends that are not yet proven, and could actually hurt your business.

SEO Purposes – professional web designers also have a strong understanding of SEO and how it relates to web design. Many professional web designers work for digital marketing agencies. So chances are by selecting a pro designer you will also be getting the top SEO resources and strategies, as well.

Professional Web Design From NUVEW

We understand you have many choices when it comes to web design. That’s why we work with experienced designers that have your best interest in mind. We’ll create the right website for your business that will help you get the right results. Please contact NUVEW today for professional web design. Call us at 219-227-8558, or click here to contact us online.

Are Any of These SEO Mistakes Hurting You?

Common SEO Mistakes That Really Hurt

The world of SEO is not a perfect science. There are many thoughts and strategies and they all claim to get the best results. There is no one size fits all method to successful SEO. But there are some battle-tested strategies that do work for just about every business with an online presence. At the same time, there are also several common SEO mistakes that people often make when working on search engine optimization. In fact, there are some mistakes that even the so-called experts make. Are you making some of these mistakes?

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Having a bad internal link structure – quality external links are important. You don’t want to link to bad websites or pages. This can really hurt your SEO score. However, your internal links are also very important. So make sure you don’t have broken links, or error pages popping up because your internal link structure is bad. You should provide clear links and pathways to additional pages, especially conversion pages.

Posting content for the sake of posting content – content is extremely important. However, you won’t get positive SEO results if you post content just for the sake of posting content. Your content should be relevant, timely, fresh and useful. It should also include your targeted keywords. Long from, evergreen content is typically the best. Take the time to create valuable content for your readers. That is way more effective than trying to write guest posts on other sites or linking to non-worthy content elsewhere. This will help your link building and help build your brand.

Not enough content promotion – once you’ve got your content strategy nailed down and you’re creating good, useable content, you have to promote it. Great content does little good if no one sees it. So take the time and effort to get the word out and share and promote your content. After all, you need people to see it if you want to turn them into conversions.

Getting your keywords wrong – keywords are obviously important. But you have to be sure you’re targeting the right ones. Failing to optimize for the right keywords won’t do you any good. Avoid high volume phrases that don’t convert. Don’t use broad keywords that bring up too many choices on the result pages. Avoid keywords that aren’t relevant to your audience.

NUVEW Does Your SEO Right

These are just a few of the common SEO mistakes that sometimes even the experts make. No one is perfect when it comes to SEO. And remember, SEO is not a perfect science. It takes time and effort, and often trial and error, to find the right recipe for SEO success. If you need help with your SEO strategies then please contact NUVEW today. We focus on the SEO methods and strategies that bring you results. Please click here to contact us online, or call us at 219-227-8558 to get the SEO results you seek.

Make Sure Your Social Media Is Helping Your SEO Social Media and SEO Working Together

Social media marketing is important. Obviously. SEO is just as important, if not more so. But you know that already. The trick is getting them to work together for your advantage. What you really want is to get your social media marketing to boost your SEO. So in reality, these two marketing strategies go hand in hand, if you want to leverage the best results for your online business. Here are several tips to get the most out of your social media for your SEO.

Quality Over Quantity

Links are an important part of SEO. But it’s not just the number of links that matter. It’s the quality of those links. The same is true for followers when it comes to social media marketing. The best way to get the right followers is to continually build your brand, offer quality content, and encourage user to follow you. Don’t try to buy them.

External Link-Building via Social Media

Speaking of links, social media is a great way to build external links. This goes hand in hand with getting more followers. The more followers and likes you get, the more shares you will get. This will give your followers more chances to see and share your content, and link to it. That’s why creating quality content is essential. It should be thoughtful, entertaining, and easy to read, and offer answers.

Brand Building

At the same time, make sure the content you share is not too pushy. In other words, you don’t want your content to be too salesy. It’s better to offer useful, original content that your followers can use. It’s ok to sell, but you can’t overdo it. Instead, you should be constantly building your brand and reiterating your brand message.

Think Local

Just like with SEO, you need to think local when it comes to social media marketing. If you get involved with a local event make sure you share this and make your nearby users aware. Use pictures and videos from these events and if you partner with another nearby organization you can both help each other to leverage the event with your followers in the given location.

Make Sure Your Social Media Is Working

No one wants to waste his or her valuable time and resources. You know you need to get your social media marketing done right. After all, you want to make sure it’s working. If you’re having trouble getting the SEO results you want from social media, then contact NUVEW today. We’ll make sure your social media efforts are making their mark. You’ll get the followers you want. This will lead to more leads and conversions. So contact NUVEW today to make sure your social media marketing is actually helping your SEO. Click here, or call us at 219-323-3343.