Creating Outstanding Social Media Content For Your Company

Posted on November 13, 2018

Content, Content, Content

What was your last post on your company’s Facebook or Twitter account? Did it drive more business to your site? If you posted the right content, then chances are you were rewarded with more business. Content is very important, and it has to have a call to action so customers can react to the message. Paying attention to what works well and what your audience responds to will make it easier to create effective content that gets results.

Examples of Good Content

Every business has its customers and audience. However, some content strategies work well for everyone. These strategies include highlighting your staff, sharing stories about how you go the extra mile for customers and turning the spotlight on a civic organization or charity that you care deeply about and want to help promote. Your call to action will be to contact your company for more information.

Some specific examples are:

  • Take an image of your staff at work — You can post a funny picture of your team taking a break in the office and post it on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Share a success story about your company — When you share positive stories, people will respond with their own positive stories. Share on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Post an event for a local charity — Your customers will think highly of you when you promote charity events. It is always a feel-good story. You can post this on all your social media accounts.
  • Thank your customers for doing business with your company — When you publically tell your customers that you appreciate them, often you will be rewarded with repeat business. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


Creating Outstanding Social Media Content For Your Company

At NUVEW, we understand your need for content that delivers results. We will take the time to review your social media platforms and see what has worked in the past and what fell flat. We will create a comprehensive plan that will send the perfect message about your company and then will post variations of that message on all social media platforms. You will be pleased with the results.

NUVEW Is Here to Help with Your Social Media Content

Social media is up and running 24/7. It is the media that never sleeps. Is your contact capturing the attention it should? It is important to post content that attracts customers to your site. If your social media marketing needs a boost, don’t delay. Contact NUVEW for help. Our experienced social media marketing team will get you back on top. We can improve your online presence. Please contact NUVEW today by clicking here, or by calling us at 219-323-3343.