A Little Daily SEO Can Go a Long Ways

Posted on January 10, 2017

An Ongoing Process

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s a common phrase uttered millions of times for decades, but the concept it very applicable when it comes to SEO. In other words, a little SEO each day, helps keep the rankings doldrums away. While most rankings won’t drop over night, if you ignore your SEO too long then you are likely to see your standings on the search engine results page drop consistently, and in some cases, suddenly. So what should you be doing on a daily basis in order to optimize your SEO tactics and keep your rankings at a respectable level? Let’s take a look.

Consider Your Content

We’re not talking about spending an hour or two every day focused on your SEO. You can actually accomplish quite a bit in as little as 10 minutes. Sound impossible? Well, you might be surprised to discover how a little can go a long ways. For starters, you can take a look at the current content on your site – even if you just look at one page a day – and determine how you can optimize that content for SEO purposes. Find ways to refresh your current content or add new, valuable information for your users. Another place to look is your title tags. Are they truly optimized? Keywords can also be switched out for updated, more focused options. Just start with 10 minutes a day and soon enough you’ll see a difference.

Are You Taking Action?

Of course, the point of just about every ecommerce website is to get your users to take action. That means you need to take a close look at your calls to action. Are they clear? Do they have the right focus? Are they aimed at the final result you’re looking for? Don’t just have action buttons; make sure they are clearly defined and the results are accomplishing your intended purpose.

Let NUVEW Help

You can make all kinds of small changes on a daily basis if you take the time to consider every aspect of your SEO strategy, even if it’s just one item a day, a few minutes at a time. SEO can seem overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Commit to spending just a few minutes a day to improve your efforts and you’ll likely be very pleased with the results. Contact NUVEW if you need more help or if your SEO strategy needs a complete overhaul. We’ll examine your plan and implement ideas for improvement. Just contact us today at 219-323-3343, or click here to connect with us online.