What SEO Trends to Expect in 2017?

Posted on December 20, 2016

What’s Trending Now?

Have you had a chance to evaluate your SEO strategies lately? Have you seen the expected returns on your investment this year, or do your SEO results lack something to be desired? SEO can be very fickle and the business is always changing. What works well at one point might not work at all a few months later, especially with the search engines, like Google, always changing the rules. 2016 is almost in the rearview mirror, which means now is a good time to consider whether or not your SEO strategies need an upgrade. 2017 will surely be like any other year, in that you can expect the world of SEO to adopt new trends.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Rise

So what can you expect to see this year with SEO strategies? Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMPs, are likely to become more popular in 2017. AMPs allow web designers to develop pages that can practically load instantly on mobile devices, which of course is a big deal. Google has already noticed and the search engine is showing favoritism towards sites that use AMPs because they can load things faster while at the same time, using less data. This could mean it’s time to consider AMPs for your website.

Content Is Still Big

Content will always play a major role in SEO and its effectiveness. With that in mind, one trend that could be big in 2017 is the use of dense content. In other words, while short, concise blurbs have been popular in the past the trend towards long, in-depth, comprehensive pieces is growing. However, the real trend might end up being the ability to provide as much content as possible in the smallest amount of space. Hence, dense content.

More From Personal Assistants

The rise of personal digital assistants, like Cortana and Siri, has made life easier, for the most part. These popular tools continue to change the way people interact with their mobile devices and that trend is expected to continue. In fact, as these tools get even more sophisticated you should expect them to continue to change the way people search on their phones and tablets. With more sophistication comes more possibilities and that means personal assistants could play a bigger role in the rankings.

NUVEW Will Stay on Top of it

As these new SEO trends continue to evolve and fluctuate, you can always rely on NUVEW to stay on top of what strategies work and which ones don’t. We understand the SEO process and how to keep your website relevant in the rankings and to your users. Please contact us today for professional SEO assistance. We’ll help you perform well in the rankings and increase your leads. Just give us a call at 219-323-3343, or connect with us online by clicking here.