What to Expect in 2015 in the World of SEO

Posted on January 20, 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) is here to stay. As the world becomes more dependent on the Internet to gather and find information about any product or service imaginable, the role of SEO will likely continue to play an increasingly important role in how big of an online presence a company can obtain. Like most aspects of online marketing, SEO is always changing, and of course 2015 will be no different. So what should you expect in the coming year? 

Change Is Coming

Of course, SEO has many aspects and there is no way of predicting with exactness what twists and turns SEO will take over the next 12 months. However, judging by changes from the past, especially in 2014, there are some predicted changes that are a safer bet than others. So let’s take a look at some of the possible SEO trends for 2015.

  • Content will drive rankings – SEO and content marketing have often been considered one in the same. However, going forward, SEO will probably focus more on the technical side of online marketing, while content marketing will have the greatest effect on rankings.
  • Brands more important than links – with so many website owners and marketing companies abusing link building it appears that Google will be putting a bigger emphasis on brand citations.
  • Responsiveness rules – it will become increasingly important for websites to be responsive. In other words, websites need to be user friendly on whatever format people are using to access them, especially on mobile devices. By not being mobile-friendly, it appears that websites will take a hit from Google in the rankings.
  • Social media – of course social media sites like Facebook and Twitter already play a big role in SEO, but in 2015 their role could become even more important. It appears that Google will place an even higher premium on the so-called social signals from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Building stronger relationships – although businesses have to produce relevant and new content and optimize it for search engines, the fact is, building strong and lasting relationships with their customers is even more important. Therefore, companies will need to make a stronger push toward building relationships and not just focus on being technically compliant with key SEO tactics.
  • SEO will reach the mainstream – this is not to say that SEO isn’t already an integral part of online marketing. It just means that SEO will no longer be a separate entity. What companies will really need to start doing is to integrate their SEO, content marketing and social media into one entity in order to fully succeed.

NUVEW Gets it

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