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Finding Balance

Hey yo, what up, what up, dear reader! It’s me – Winston, also known as Winnie-Poo, the one and only. When we last left off, I had been sent to an incredible dog training camp. After two weeks of intensive one-on-one training, I returned home an absolute stud of a canine.

I am now so well-behaved that it’s all anyone talks about when I’m around. Comments like, “Oh my gosh, look how good Winston’s being,” “I wish my dog would sit like that,” and “Wow, he only gave me a brief judgmental look instead of completely leaning into his superiority complex” are now part of my daily life.

At first, I enjoyed the positive praise – I mean, who wouldn’t? However, now that a whole seven days have passed I’m growing tired of hearing the same old “good boy” routine. Where’s the spunk? Where’s the pizzazz? Where’s the shriek of disgust when they find me gulping from the toilet like it’s a giant Slurpee? Come on, man – I was put on this earth to entertain!

So, I am deciding once again to embrace a splash of my inner spicy-dog spirit. Now, don’t misunderstand me, reader. My training was very thorough, and 100% obedience was guaranteed. I am not going to slip back into my old ways so easily. Plus, I like the new rule following me. But, as the office’s emotional support dog, it is my job to put a smile on my aunties’ faces with an occasional outlandish antic or two. And trust me – some of these girls NEED a good smile. I’m only doing what’s right by these wonderful women.

The big question is now – what will my first act be? I could run around the office with my favorite squeaky toy while my aunties try to work – that’ll make them laugh! Or maybe I’ll pretend to have an itch and roll around on the floor like a maniac during a Monday morning meeting. I’m sure that’ll get a chuckle out of a few of them. Maybe I could do a few funny photoshoots, post my favorite photos on Craigslist, and use the money I make to buy a potato launcher. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

In all seriousness, I am incredibly grateful for having attended such an awesome training camp. It was an invaluable experience that improved my discipline and strengthened the bond I share with Mom and Dad and my aunties. I can’t wait to continue working on my training and becoming an even better version of myself. However, dog owners must realize that every dog has a unique personality. While obedience and discipline are crucial, we dogs also need the freedom to let our vibrant spirits shine. It’s essential to strike a balance – allowing us to follow the rules while letting go and having fun. After all, a little whimsy is what makes us truly unforgettable companions! So, here’s to embracing our inner spice and keeping things lively!

Now, back to my mischievous plans. I think I’ll start by sneaking into the office kitchen and stealing all the treats while my aunties are on lunch break. HEHE. #WinniePooUnleashed

XOXO Winston



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