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How (and Why) to Use Google Posts

Google offers a range of features that allow businesses to increase their visibility in search rankings. One of those features includes Google Posts, which lets you communicate with customers by posting messages. These posts appear in the local pack in search results as well as on Google Maps. Utilizing this feature can let you reach a wide client base in your community and nearby areas, meaning there are many reasons to integrate it into your digital marketing strategy. Our experts at NUVEW Web Solutions dive into how and why businesses should use Google Posts.  

What Are Google Posts?

At their essence, Google Posts are similar to social media posts. They contain a small amount of text, graphics and a link to a relevant part of a business’s website. These posts are visible in different locations depending on what device a Google Listing is viewed on and appear differently on mobile versus desktop. 

What Are the Advantages of Google Posts?

Google Posts are accessible on your Google Business profile, and viewers can easily find content, marketing messages and special offers. It’s also where clients can read reviews and your profile and see information about your products and services. As a result, Google Posts is a powerful tool for promoting your business. 

One of the most prominent benefits of using Google Posts is that they make it simple for clients to visit your website. Posts can help drive traffic and complete the customer journey as a result. Basically, Google is helping your company stand out from competitors and giving you another way to connect with clients. 

Ways to Use Google Posts

According to Google, Posts are an opportunity to express what makes your business special. While clients may have a good idea of what they are looking for, they still want to learn more about your company and its offerings. As such, Posts is designed to help companies draw in local clientele and improve relationships with preexisting clients. 

Promote an upcoming event, or show your recent award through Google Posts to bring in viewers to your testimonials. There are many other possibilities depending on the kind of business you own. Posts can include links to easy places to book an appointment or showcase their best products for browsing. 

Tips for Optimizing Your Google Posts

While Google Posts won’t have a direct impact on your SEO rankings, they are an effective tactic to create a conversation around your brand and bring new clients into the works. A few tips for making your Google Posts their very best include: 

  • Perfect grammar and high-quality, engaging text
  • Include eye-catching imagery
  • Trustworthy links or ones to your website

Contact a Digital Marketing Expert to Learn More

Google Posts can create new pathways for your business. Using this feature to its fullest gives you the power to take full charge of your brand’s online presence in Google’s search results. As a result, you will gain local clients and distinguish yourself from the competition. Call our team at NUVEW Web Solutions to learn more about enhancing your digital marketing strategy. 



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