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How to Build Your Own Website

Unless you have some digital marketing skills, a do-it-yourself website build isn’t recommended. But if you’re operating on a budget, creating the basic frame for your website might be an attractive idea. Here are a series of steps to take when building a website – for help, support, and expert digital marketing advice that you can trust, call NUVEW directly today. 

Steps to Take When Building a Website

Building a great website is more complicated than simply buying a domain name and using a free or low-cost site to build your website. If you’re building a website from the ground up, things that you’ll need to consider include:

  • Where your site will be hosted and your site’s name. One of the most important–and most complicated–steps of building a website is determining what the name of your site will be (i.e. what will the URL be – not just your business name) and where your website will be hosted. Your website has to be hosted somewhere, so this is a non-negotiable step in building a website. Typically, you’ll want to purchase a hosting package from a hosting provider – after doing that and purchasing a domain name, your website should be accessible to the public at large.
  • Your content management system (CMS). If you’ve never heard of CMS before, you may want to rethink your decision to build your website on a DIY basis and instead call a professional website development company for support. Still feeling good about your decision to self-build? If so, you’ll need to choose a content management system, which is a type of system that allows you to edit the website from the domain itself, saving you time and effort.
  • Your theme, tone, and general brand identity. The next step in building your website is making some decisions about your brand identity. In other words, what colors, layouts, themes, and texts will your website use and how do these choices resonate with your brand? Don’t forget about the use of images and graphics in establishing your brand identity, too.
  • How to market your business. After doing all of the above, your website should be looking pretty great! The next thing to think about is how to market your business, which means you’ll need to start building content on your site and forming a strategy about how to distribute that content to your audience.

NUVEW Can Help

Does the idea of building out a website sound a little overwhelming to you? If so, our team at NUVEW can help. We are website design and development specialists who also are experts in content marketing. For the help you need in creating a website and connecting with your target audience, call our team directly today.



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