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4 Elements of Effective Web Design You Don’t Want to Forget About

Unless you’re a computer and design guru, chances are that you’re not designing your website yourself. But because there are numerous free and low-cost do-it-yourself website design applications on there, you may feel tempted to give it a go. If you do, make sure to incorporate the most essential elements of effective web design, a few of which are discussed below. To work with a phenomenal website design and development team, call NUVEW today. 

1. Hero Images

No, we’re not talking about images of heroes. Hero images refer to large banner images that are placed front and center on your content page. Hero images can be static, or they can be dynamic – such as a moving animation or even a video. Hero images are important because they catch a user’s attention, are engaging, and can tell a story without having to use any text! Make sure that your hero image is large enough that a user can’t miss it, and be sure that your page is adaptive for mobile use, too. 

2. Clean Menus and Navigation Options

There’s nothing worse than visiting a website and looking for something–like a contact page, or a way to view a certain product–and not being able to figure it out. Users hate when information isn’t easily accessible and when pages are difficult it navigate. Similarly, too much navigation that’s right in someone’s face can feel cluttered and overwhelming. 

One solution is a navigation menu that has a drop-down option that pops up when scrolled over, but is otherwise hidden. Of course, make sure the navigation menu is easy to find – at the top of a page and with three lines denoting a ‘hamburger menu’ is advised. 

3. Eye-Catching Typography

So much about good content marketing is about visual appeal. Similar to the hero banner, another way to engage your audience, draw them in, and direct their attention exactly where you want it to go is to use typography that’s eyecatching because it’s unique, it’s large, or both. 

4. Large Product Graphics

If you haven’t caught onto it yet, we love graphics and images, and we know how well they can resonate with a target audience. In addition to incorporating the above, we strongly recommend incorporating large product graphics that show how great what you’re offering is. People want to be able to see exactly what they’re buying – large product graphics provide that. 

Call NUVEW Today for Website Design and Development Services

At NUVEW, we are passionate about website design and development that’s personalized to our clients and their unique needs. If you know that your website needs an upgrade, we can help. To learn more, get in touch with us today by phone or online.



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