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How to Select the Best Colors for Your Social Media Graphics

Social media marketing is a powerful way to connect with new clients and engage with your current audience. Investing in a strong social media profile helps to bolster brand awareness, and you can start conversations around your brand to increase engagement. In order to accomplish your goals, however, it all starts with producing the right type of content that resonates with your target audience. 

Visual-based content often works very well on social platforms, and graphics are a perfect option. All aspects of the design should work together to produce the desired effect: whether that’s awe, inspiration, education or another impact. Below, NUVEW Web Solutions provides a few tips for selecting the right colors for our social media graphics. 

Limit Your Color Palette

Simple designs are easier to remember and comprehend. Instead, limit your color palette to establish a clear connection to your brand. Take a look at some of the most iconic corporate identities, and you’ll notice that the palettes generally contain only two main colors. While adding a third color as an accent is often smart, avoid using too many colors. Keeping these colors consistent across all social media graphics makes your brand recognizable at first glance. 

Make Your Graphics Stand Out

Color theory is important in design. Warmer colors, such as reds and yellows, tend to catch the eye more than blues and greens. However, you can make your social media graphics stand out no matter what your palette includes. Whether you’re using warmer or cooler colors, consider using ones that will make you stand out. For instance, if your primary color palette is grey and blue, you might decide to make your third accent color more saturated for an eye-catching effect.  

Control Reading Order

Social media is a fast-paced environment, so many viewers will be scrolling quickly when they come across your graphic. Grab their attention by making the right color choices for the text. A graphic containing text can use color to guide the reader’s eye across key information. You might make the header a different color than the body text, which invites viewers to start at the top. Brighter colors attract the eye, while unsaturated ones are less noticeable right away. Use this knowledge to direct attention to certain words or phrases on your graphic. 

Consider the Color Wheel

The color wheel lies at the core of every palette. Understanding the relationships between colors helps you when selecting combinations. Consider color opposites, similarities, shades and hues. Choosing colors next to each other on the color wheel appears visually related, while contrasting colors add energy to your social media graphic. Try different combinations to see what colors look best. 

Talk to Our Social Media Experts to Learn More

Creating the perfect graphics for your social posts requires a firm understanding of your branding goals and the colors that suit them. NUVEW Web Solutions is ready to help you strategize an effective social media campaign. Contact our team today to speak with our experts.



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