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Latest Tips and Tools for Higher Rankings, More Leads

Better Rankings Mean Better Leads

There are many aspects to SEO and the competition for higher search engine rankings. Some business owners find SEO complicated, frustrating and less than satisfactory while others find it to be a very useful tool in their overall online marketing and business success. Whether you have a handle on the SEO game or you find it difficult to navigate, there are some tried and true tips that can help anyone who is trying to improve their rankings and get better leads.

Are You Up to Speed?

The first thing you can do is improve the speed of your website. When someone arrives at your site and it takes too long for a page to load there is a greater likelihood that they won’t stick around very long. Therefore, you have to make sure your site is up to speed. Start by removing any unused elements of your web design that are slowing your site down, like unused plugins, for example, if you are using WordPress. Other options include compressing images as well as JavaScript CSS and HTML files.

More Valuable Tips

Here are several other valuable SEO tips to keep in mind for better rankings and better leads:

  • Craft your content for your audience – write content that is aimed at your audience and its needs and avoid content that is simply designed to include keywords.
  • Add external links – make sure your external links are directed to the appropriate websites that have the appropriate type of content.
  • Relevant Meta descriptions – your Meta description needs to be unique, precise and on point.
  • Optimize your headings – all of your headings and subheadings should be fully optimized for SEO and they need to be well written and useful and get your readers’ attention.
  • A good place to land – Just like your headings and subheadings, your landing pages should also include engaging and worthwhile content. If you take the time to direct someone to a landing page then make it worth his or her time landing there.

Contact NUVEW

Increasing your search engine rankings is a concentrated effort that takes time and continued persistence in order to get on top and stay on top. Getting strong leads and conversions is even more important. At NUVEW we can help you not only improve your rankings but also increase your quality leads. Give us a call at 219-323-3343 or click here, to find out how.



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