Does Your Social Media Marketing Include Video?

Posted on October 25, 2016

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When you think of the way people consume media these days, you don’t have to think long and hard to realize that video is king. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, or any other outlet, people love to watch videos. They use it for information, for entertainment and for just about everything else you can imagine. While YouTube is the king of video, Facebook and many other outlets are becoming just as popular. No matter where you tune in, the fact is people are consuming their information via video clips more than ever before. Therefore, if you use video in your social media marketing efforts you need to be sure you’re doing it right.

What You Need to Know

Be Clear and Concise – always make sure your videos are clear and to the point. Get your message across as succinctly as possible without too much fluff. Tell a story and tell it well. People usually prefer short and concise videos over long-drawn out messages.

Remember Text – believe it or not even though people watch a lot of videos they don’t necessarily listen to them. Whatever the reason, several reports indicate that as many as 85 percent of all videos viewed on Facebook are done with the sound off. Therefore, if you add written content to your video that explains what viewers are watching, it will likely effectively deliver your message.

Got Hash Tags – hash tags are always a good, no-cost way to get your name associated with trending topics and popular phrases, but make sure your content is a good fit with the content you’re associating it with.

Pay to Play – sometimes it’s best to pay to get the best results. Paid content can be a great way to get serious leads and returns. If you do it right, by targeting the exact audience you’re seeking, your investment can really pay off.

Live Feeds – video is great and that includes live feed video, in which you can allow your followers to comment and ask questions and be a part of what your network is all about. This is great for boosting your profile and your brand.

Plant Some Seeds – it always pays to plant as many seeds as possible with those that can influence others. Video seeding is now a vital part of social media success. When you can get others to like and share your content they can in essence do all the legwork for you.

Get Your Video Right

Social media marketing consists of so many different aspects, with video being just one of them. However, as more and more young Internet and social media users continue to access their information on the go, video will continue to play an even bigger role in social media marketing and SEO. Therefore, it’s vital for you to get your video marketing right. You can do that by contacting NUVEW. We’ll help you implement these and other tactics as we help you build an effective social media marketing campaign. Please contact us at 219-323-3343 or by clicking here.