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Is Your Mobile Design SEO Friendly?

You Have to Be Friendly

By now just about everyone knows that if you want to have a successful website then it must be mobile friendly. More people access the Internet via mobile devices than they do with desktop computers. Thus, if you want to attract and keep the most users to your site as possible you must have a mobile friendly website. However, it’s not enough just to have a responsive or mobile friendly website. Your site’s web design must also be mobile friendly, because some design elements that work with desktops won’t work with browsers on mobile devices. But is a mobile friendly design enough? Probably not.

SEO Friendly

Besides being mobile friendly, your design must also be SEO friendly. If it’s not, you could miss out on valuable visitors. So how do you ensure that your website design is SEO friendly? Here are a few suggestions.

  • It’s gotta be fast – one of the most important factors is having a website that works quickly. Therefore, you must carefully consider your web design to make sure it is quick and that there is no lag time. That requires analyzing just about every aspect of your design and eliminating features that would slow your site down.
  • Don’t do pop-ups – pop-ups are good in kids’ books, but not in baseball games or on websites.  Pop-ups to tend to slow things down and get in the way of other content, which typically bothers mobile users. This will get you dinged in the rankings with Google, as well.
  • Big fingers – people come in a lot of shapes and sizes, as do their fingers. Some people with larger fingers have a hard time on mobile devices pushing the correct buttons. You should keep that in mind as you design. Larger buttons and navigation tools make it easier for all visitors to use your site.

Get SEO Friendly Mobile Design

If you’re web design is still lacking when it comes to being mobile friendly then you should contact NUVEW today. Furthermore, if your mobile web design is not SEO friendly then, we can help you improve in that area as well. Our team of web designers will get you the right design with the best SEO practices. This will help improve your website productivity, especially with mobile users. So please give us a call today at 219-323-3343, or click here to connect with us online.



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