Page Speed Will Now Count Even More on Mobile Search

Posted on May 22, 2018

Google Is Watching Your Mobile Page Speed Closely

You knew it had to be just a matter of time. Our world has gone mobile and everyone likes things at light speed. With so much information available and so many choices at our fingertips, most people just don’t have the patience to wait for slow websites. So with that in mind, it really comes as no surprise that Google is taking a big interest in page speed.

Responsive, Close By, and Fast

The search engine giant has already made responsiveness, or how mobile-friendly a site is, a key factor in search engine results. Location is also a huge factor. But that’s not enough for mobile users. When people perform a mobile search they not only want to find the closest results with a mobile-friendly design, but they also want that information fast. That’s because they’re often looking for something in the very moment they want to buy it. They don’t want to wait to find the information they seek.

Page Speed Counts More

To that end, Google recently announced an enhanced PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will help web owners to optimize how quickly their pages load. That’s great news for website owners. However, it’s also important that web owners use this tool because Google also just announced that loading speed will be an important factor in mobile search results. This July, the search engine king will change the way it prioritizes mobile pages in its rankings. Page loading speed will now carry more weight in the rankings.

Relevant Content Still Counts the Most

However, don’t get caught thinking that speed is everything. Although page loading speed will be given more emphasis, Google noted that pages with the most relevant content, according to the search, will still be given higher rankings than pages with less relevant content, even if they load faster. So, although the so-called “Speed Update” is important, you still have to provide quality content in order to score well in the rankings.

NUVEW Keeps Your Rankings High

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