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Popular Web Design Trends for the Upcoming Year

What to Expect in Web Design

Does it seem like sometimes just when you are getting used to a certain website it suddenly switches up on you? Have you ever visited a trusted site with a format you’ve loved for many months or even years, only to find that it now looks like a completely different site? You’re not alone. Websites change all the time and the fact is, they are more likely to change even more often these days as web design trends are always evolving and web owners continue battling for online supremacy.

Hot Design Trends

Every year it seems that new web design trends are all the rage. However many design trends disappear just as fast as they burst onto the scene, replaced by new and improved ideas and strategies. This year is no different and although 2016 is already almost halfway over, here are some of the latent trends to be on the lookout for over the coming months. The main thing to watch for this year are the design elements that are aimed at enhancing the user experience. After all, if you can draw visitors in and keep them engaged with a positive experience then they are likely to spend more time on your site and continue coming back. So here are some of the specific items that are popular right now in web design.

  • Images – what’s the first thing people see when they land on your site? If it’s a striking eye-catching image together with a call to action then you are likely on your path to user satisfaction. That means using a compelling full HD image right at the top of your website is a popular design tool.
  • Material design – another popular design trend is to use material design, which gives more depth and appeal to flat design.
  • Fonts that wow – like your main image your typography content should also be striking and grab the user’s attention.
  • Animation & Video – using background animations or videos or both is another great way to grab visitors’ attention and keep them on your site longer. Motion animations are great at drawing people’s attention exactly where you want it.
  • Single Scroll Pages – more and more web designers are using single pages with long scrolls instead of multiple links to sub pages.
  • Color abounds – people tend to like a lot of color and using different colors and shades together to draw interest in a particular place is another popular design trend taking place in the industry.

Web Design Designed for You

Getting the right web design is extremely important if you want to attract more users and keep them coming back. NUVEW can help you create the perfect design for your needs. Just contact us today by clicking here or by calling 219-323-3343.



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