Selling Service Online? Use These Website Design Trends

Posted on June 13, 2017

Design Your Site for Sales

There are millions of different websites on the Internet and they don’t all serve the same purpose. However, many of them exist to sell something. Whether they are trying to sell products, or services, they are trying to get more traffic and turn those visitors into conversions. The reality is, even websites that don’t directly sell products and services are still trying to get people to buy into something, even if it’s just an idea or a brand.

Make Your Contact Info Visible

There are many factors that can play a role in how well a website does at selling, including the design of the site itself. In fact, web design actually plays a key role in overall sales. However, in order for your design to be successful and help push your sales there are some important factors to remember when designing your website. For starters, make sure that your opt-in or contact form is above the fold of your website. In other words, this information should be included in the top half of the page so it is right there, front and center. You don’t want people to miss that information.

Looks Matter

Another important factor is how well your website looks. The first thing your visitors need to see is something clear and welcoming, which means the image or images at the top of your page should be high quality and present a clear message about you and what you are selling. It also helps to have a fresh looking design that is up to date with modern website design trends.

Be Social

Another important element of website design that helps sell is your social media presence. Make sure that your social media handles are very clear and present, and easy to find. This allows your visitors to check your social media presence and learn more about you. You should also show proof of your social media successes by posting statistics, such as the number of shares you have, your positive reviews, your likes and testimonials. All of these will help promote your website and your business.

Get Your Web Design Right With NUVEW

Now is the time to make sure your website design is up to speed. You can’t afford to be left behind. Contact NUVEW if you need help with your website design. We will include the right design elements to help you get the results you seek. Just click here to contact us or give us a call at 219-323-3343.