Top Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Google Ranking

Posted on October 3, 2017

Get Social, Get Google

If you run a website for business then you know that you have to please Google. Whether you think it’s fair or not, the search engine giant dominates the search engine landscape so you have to play by Google’s rules. That can be frustrating because it can be very difficult to move up the rankings even though you follow all the rules. However, it’s not impossible and putting your focus on social media marketing is a great place to start.

Why Social?

So why is social media marketing so important? It’s quite simple really. Social media is everywhere. In other words, billions of people around the globe are on social media. If you can reach more people through social media you have a much greater chance of getting them to your website. The bottom line is social media marketing matters because just about everyone you want to reach is using one or more forms of social media.

How it Helps

Effective social media marketing helps in a lot of ways. For example, by using social media to your advantage you can create new relationships and then cultivate those relationships. It’s easy to interact with customers and build strong relationships with them with social media platforms. Obviously linking your social media accounts with your website is a no brainer, as well. If your followers are happy with your social media presence then linking to your website is a natural next step. Plus, with so many users on social media you have the potential to be connected to a customer base of nearly three billion people.

The Purpose of Social Media Marketing

Remember that social media marketing is all geared toward getting people to your website and keeping them there long enough to become a customer. However, you must remember to treat your social media followers the right way in order to keep them feeling positive about your brand and your business. Therefore, it’s vital to create and nurture your social media relationships carefully if you want them to become customers.

Get Social With NUVEW

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