What Your Website Color Says About Your Law Firm

Posted on March 28, 2017

Your Website Color Matters. Contact A Cedar Lake Website Design Company Today To Get Started

Most website designers and owners care how their websites look. After all, an attractive website is much nicer to look at than one that is boring or even ugly. However, most people realize that looks aren’t everything in web design and that functionality is almost always more important to a websites overall success. Take attorneys for example. Most legal websites, while concerned with their overall look, are for more concerned with the information offered and the message they portray. After all, the goal is to draw more customers. However, as it turns out, maybe attorneys should pay a little more attention to the color scheme of their websites.

Feeling Gray?

If you’ve visited a few legal websites lately, then you might’ve noticed that many of them have a very similar feel. Legal websites from all over the country and from all practice areas tend to take on a very familiar look: a gray or white background with a touch of color, usually blue. Of course, this is a safe way to play it, since most other legal websites will have the same general look and feel. However. Not every attorney offers the same kinds of services. That means you could be missing out on connecting with the target audience, or clientele base you’re seeking by sticking to the standard color scheme.

What Colors Are Best?

What you really need to do in order to choose the right colors for your legal website is to determine what your market is seeking from you and what message the colors you choose are sending. To determine the first answer, consider the image you want to convey: stability, tenacity, knowledge, experience, assurance, etc. As for the second, you must consider what emotion and response you are trying to obtain from your target audience. Each color is associated with different emotions, so you should choose the right colors for the type of response you desire.

Creating the Right Web Design for Your Business

At NUVEW, we work with dozens of attorneys on a regular basis and we’ve created and designed many websites that are both attractive and functional. We will design the right the website for you with the right color scheme that fits your message. Your website is extremely important to the success of your law firm. Therefore, make sure you get your web design done right. Please contact NUVEW today if your website needs an upgrade. Just call us at 219-323-3343, or you can click here to connect with us online.