Which Web Design Trends Will Take Off in 2017?

Posted on April 11, 2017

More Change Ahead

Web design is like so many other things in the tech world; it’s constantly changing. Every year new advances and trends take the stage and web design is changed forever…or at least until the next year. This year will be no different. In fact, new trends are already hitting the industry and 2017 looks like it will have plenty of exciting new innovations when it comes to web design. So which new ideas and trends will most likely take off and become a big hit?

360 Degree Video + Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already fast becoming one of the world’s hottest, new tech advances and in 2017 you can expect it to become a bigger part of web design. So far, VR hasn’t really been part of web design, but combine it with 360-degree video and it’s easy to see how these technologies working together could play a big role in the future of web design, starting with this year. Plus, with so many tech companies now getting in to VR, including Google, Sony and Microsoft, among others, this tech is bound to keep growing.

Card Design Layouts

Card design layouts continue to grow in popularity ever since Pinterest started the trend. This grid style of web design has become a big hit thanks in large part to how easy it is to use, along with its responsiveness and flexibility. They are great for any web page that contains a lot of data, because they make the information more attractive and easily attainable. Because the card design layout continues to grow, it’s likely that 2017 will see additional trends and ideas based on this concept.

High-Quality Photography

No one likes to visit a website that doesn’t offer anything interesting to look at. However, these days, with so many easy ways to add high-quality, authentic photos, stock photos just aren’t going to cut it in 2017 and going forward. Thanks to the many quality photo sites available online, plus all the high-end cameras that just about anyone can use, website surfers will expect more than a few boring stock images.

Pre-Built Sites

Another trend that is already growing in popularity is pre-built websites and themes. These templates offer a great opportunity for designers to work quickly and efficiently, which means build time is much faster. They are also great for avoiding the hassle of dealing with new coding every time you create a new website. These are just a few of the popular designs trends expected to take off in 2017. If you are looking to give your website a design makeover this year, then please contact NUVEW today. Just click here or give us a call at 219-323-3343.