What Do These Digital Marketing Statistics Mean to Your Online Business?

Posted on December 29, 2015

Digital Marketing Abounds

Everyone has gone digital. What does that mean exactly? Well in this case it means that almost all businesses have, at least to some degree, moved some of their marketing dollars and efforts to a digital platform. Digital marketing has become such a major part of the overall advertising and marketing industry. That’s because the world has become more and more digital and it’s a trend that is not going away anytime soon. In fact, the world seems to get more digitally inclined every day. With that being said, there are also hundreds of different measurements used to determine the effectiveness of all this digital marketing.

Recent Digital Marketing Stats

The interesting thing about digital marketing statistics is that they vary greatly and they can change extremely fast. That means, even from week to week the stats change and which stats are even relevant varies as well. So what are some of the most interesting stats of late and what do they mean? According to a report from GlobalWebIndex, 34 percent of Facebook users posted a status update in the third quarter. That means that two-thirds of Facebook users didn’t. What does that mean exactly? No one knows for sure, but it could mean Facebook users are observing more than they are speaking.

What Are Facebook Users up to?

Here’s some more interesting news that could be related to that last statistic. The same study found that Facebook users are now also using an average of 4.3 social networks, compared to only 2.5 in 2012. That could mean Facebook users are spending more time using their other social network platforms and less time posting their status on Facebook. It’s food for thought. In that same vein, Facebook is not the top dog when it comes to social media use. Yes, it does have the most members, but YouTube actually has the most visits.

Wearables Are Growing

Another interesting digital marketing trend of late is the fact that nearly 40 million adults in America will have used a wearable device by the end of this year, which represents a 58 percent increase from 2014, according to eMarketer. Speaking of mobile technology, according to a study from Invoca, when asked if they were addicted to their smartphones, 58 percent of Gen Y consumers said yes.

You Must Evolve

These are just a very small sample of some of the latest digital marketing statistics that have been published. What do they all mean? It is not always easy to quantify, but what it does show is that social media and digital technology are constantly evolving, as are the habits of the people that use them. That means as an online marketer you have to evolve as well. NUVEW helps you do that. Please contact us today to learn how. Click here or call us at 219-323-3343.