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7 Growth Strategies Used By the Most Successful Companies

The goal of most businesses is growth. If a business doesn’t grow, profits don’t increase. So how exactly does a business owner drive growth? Consider these seven growth strategies that are used by some of the most successful companies worldwide.

1. Create a Growth Strategy Work Plan

Before you hit the ground running on trying to grow your business, it’s smart to find a template that can serve as a way to guide your growth strategy; a work plan. There are a number of free and paid templates available, including one from HubSpot.

2. Determine How You Want to Grow

Sure, all businesses may want to grow, but do they all want to grow in the exact same way? Types of growth might include growth in the number of products or services offered, growth in the number of locations, growth in the number of employees, growth in revenue, or growth in customer base. 

3. Do Your Homework

One thing is certain: if you don’t conduct adequate market and industry research, you won’t be able to identify the best strategies for growth, as well as possible roadblocks along the way. This stage in the process can also help to inform your goals, how you want to grow, your timeline, and your budget.

4. Set Goals

You’ve already determined how you want to grow, but have you identified by how much you want to grow and when? It’s important to have goals, both short-term and long-term, which will guide your strategy and your efforts.

5. Write Up Your Plan

You’ve already downloaded your work plan template–now it’s time to fill it in. Strong work plans include objectives, timelines, deadlines, teams, and team leads, and well as required resources for achieving goals.

6. Know What Else You’ll Need

This is an essential step in the process–do you know what you’ll need to implement your plan? For example, will you need additional staff? Tools? Funding? Services? Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row and know what you’ll need before moving forward.

7. Put it in Action

Finally, it’s time to put your plan in action. Of course, putting a plan in action is perhaps the most critical growth strategy used by successful companies. 

How NUVEW Can Help

As you think about your business’s goals and objects, our digital marketing team at NUVEW can help. Through effective content marketing, we can help you to reach more customers and succeed in your growth objectives. Reach us today to learn more. 



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